Any users of Office 2007?

  fitshase 15:22 01 Mar 2007

I'm using Office 2007 and it all works OK apart from Outlook.

For some reason, outlook is very slow and seems to have my HDD whirring away all of the time. It slows the machine up like nothing else!

Anyone else having this problem?


Pentium 4 - 3.0 GHz
120 GB HDD (2 partitions - C and D)
250 GB HDD (backup drive)
Win XP Pro

Outlook installed and running on C drive.

  Modo 17:57 01 Mar 2007

Outlook 2007 is not impressive.

It is slow for me ...but two causes are probavbly partly of my own making. Firstly I have a huge amount stored in it - that said as it is a business application it should be functional as a huge filing cabinet. Secondly I have an mail account in the active accounts. Some days this can freeze the whole computer up.

What is annoying is failure to improve functionality in niggles from previous versions such as no search facility when you are attaching an item. With over 1000 contacts scrolling to names in the middle of the alphabet is tedious.

The search facility is fantastic but mine doesn't work - it suddenly failed after about 4 days. It fails to even find my own name in sent items!!This is well documented as a bug. The new version of Desktop search (3.01) released at the weekend allows me to now find anything since I installed - and anything from about 4 months ago or earlier. But nothing in between (saw this mail when I was browsing the forum to see if anybody has got a fix as the suggested workarounds or reinstall suggested by microsoft haven't worked for me.)

In my opinion the Business Contact Manager is even more bloated than it was before. I like this software but some of the options that it gives you may be fine in a business management theory lesson, but in the real world, do me a favour!!

New version of Word is impressive. It does a lot of what the last version of Publisher does. For most of my purposes it looks like making Publisher redundant - effectively rendering Publisher as just a bundle of templates for newsletters and reports that I have bever seen anyone use.

Excel is easier to use visually - can't comment on functionality as I don't really stretch it.

Haven't used PowerPoint yet. But I hear good reports.

  fitshase 22:27 01 Mar 2007

Have to agree about Word and Excel. Powerpoint I've used and there are some good functions.

For me the ribbon is a great addition. It is also the little things like resizing a picture shows a ghost image of the picture while you are dragging it so you can see what it looks like before letting go of the mouse button.

I think I might go back to Outlook 2003 (I read somewhere that there are problems doing this but there are also workarounds - I'm going to do some digging).

It is annoying as I like to leave Outlook open all of the time (minimised to the tray) as I use the calendar and the to do lists often. However, the constant HDD usage and the slowdown of the machine is not worth it.

Might do a whole clean install as it has been a while and see if that makes any difference.

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