Any TWAIN experts?

  Diemmess 11:33 13 Nov 2005

This problem is only a mild annoyance, but I've failed to fix it.
Have a system which has evolved rather than been planned.
Windows 2000 and an old SCSI scanner (Epson 5500)
The scanner when used with Corel Photopaint (v.9) and selecting "Aquire", has the option to select the driver first.

Either ... EPSON TWAIN 3(32bit)(Driver UI)... or... EPSON TWAIN (32bit)(Driver UI)...

The first option works correctly and seems to be the default... BUT not always!!!
The second always produces a "Scanner not ready/found" error, and a succession of 'OK' buttons to press before I regain control

In short how can I remove/disable the useless driver?

  jack 12:01 13 Nov 2005

The twain folder appears in the Windows root directory as a'TWUNK' file/folder I believe- have a look and consider deleting one if you can I/D it.
However dont rush wait until a Windoze expert comes in.

  Diemmess 13:02 13 Nov 2005

Under TWUNK.log from a search.....

TWAIN_32.DLL - MESSAGE - CTwunk ::AppInitialize - Reset Log
TWAIN_32.DLL - MESSAGE - CTwunk ::OpenServer - Starting Thunker
TWAIN_32.DLL - MESSAGE - CTwunk ::CloseServer - Why Can't We Find The Thunker Window?

  Sharpamatt 13:06 13 Nov 2005

looking at what you have sent ( EPSON TWAIN 3) did you install the drivers more than once.

It seems the same driver for both options, with the 3 indicating that it was installed three times, if so by deleating the first two should resolve the problem,

However ensure your system is backed up before you do anything to allow a system restore

  Diemmess 13:40 13 Nov 2005

Jack and Sharpamatt - thank you both.
The difficulty is identifying and separating the dud from the useful!

Sharpamatt is probably right about double installation.... Its a long time ago, when first I had W98/SE and it was difficult then, with SCSI following its own rules in the background. The trick then was to accept the yellow blobs in device manager about scanners. They only showed when the scanner was connected, and attempts to 'reinstall' usually resulted in the BSoD and until I knew about scanreg /restore the number of reinstalls shot well into double figures.
Win2K was not so traumatic, but until I had tried several (forgotten) ways the scanner wouldn't work.

For the present I dream that some sage will suggest both the path and the means of identifying the file that is doing this.
I'm too bone idle to spend several hours deleteing various things and then having to restore my image file when it doesn't work!

  Stuartli 14:24 13 Nov 2005

As an aside:

"TWAIN was an acronym developed humourously from "technology without an important name."

However, the TWAIN Working Group stated that after the original name chosen proved to already be trademarked, an 11th hour meeting of the group came up with TWAIN, deriving it from the saying "Ne'er the twain shall meet," because the program sits between the driver and the application.

However it is not an acronym in the true sense.

  jack 14:37 13 Nov 2005

Adding more slurry to the water
There have been numerous posts on the difficulties experienced with transferring DOS based scanners [95-/8/ME]to XP- Here it seems that scanners have a 'processor of their own to implement the DOS cands send from the computer for scan rate/resolution,etc. and these are looking for DOS commands- there has been much abour modified drivers and many that seemed not to work and others that did work.
Might this not be an element in the SCSI scanner you have?

  woodchip 15:48 13 Nov 2005

Looks like you have the Scanner loaded more than once. If you only have Epson Scanner, i.e not Epson printer then You need to completely uninstall the Epson Scanner from Add Remove Programs and Do a search for Epson check it for scanner and delete the scanner files it finds. You could also do this in Regedit after opening Regedit go to Edit in Menu then to find Type Epson press enter check each item it finds before deleting. F3 brings up next entry in Regedit. After you have done all the above, load drivers and software for scanner then plug it in

  Diemmess 15:57 13 Nov 2005

You may well be right jack.
The whole thing is a bit of a lash-up using a long obsolete scanner. The system requirements are modest e.g. 5Mb RAM and a 486 CPU.
But I'm used to it. It is quick and works well up to a genuine 600 dpi.
I seem to remember that an updated driver for W2000 didn't work at all,... possibly ambiguity between SCSI (which it is) and LPT 1. USB is not an option!

One day if I am bored and don't mind risking a few hours...... but as I said this is a minor annoyance and only bugs me because I don't know the why of it!

  Diemmess 16:05 13 Nov 2005

-Just seen your post.
Epson printers 875 and EPL5800 are present. As I said to jack, have had the scanner a long time and recall buying the Epson scanner when I needed to replace a Relysis which had no drivers after upgrading from Win 3.1.1
A friend had just built me a new computer and the SCSI route gave much faster scanning then the ones of the day that used LPT1

  Diemmess 16:51 14 Nov 2005

The answer is here somewhere, but easier to live with a minor annoyance than have to be ready for image recovery overwrites.
Thanks everyone.

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