Any tips?

  Rizlo 22:30 09 Apr 2009

My sister is bringing her laptop to my house tomorrow, so i can optimise it.

She never used to have internet, but now she has, and she is wanting to use her old laptop.

Ive used her laptop before, and it was so slow. I mean 10 minutes to load a page.

I was thinking updating drivers because her lappy has never been on the net apart from when i used it years ago.

Also, i was thinking downloading Avira, Spybot and Comodo. Oh and CC-Cleaner.

What else can i do to optimise her laptop? Its old but not that old. I just remember how slow it was when i used it. Obviously something was wrong when i used it. Any tips to get it working decent?


  Rizlo 22:37 09 Apr 2009

Forgot, i will be defragmenting too.

  iscanut 22:40 09 Apr 2009

System spec ?

  brundle 22:41 09 Apr 2009

All sounds sensible. Don't rely on defrag to make a dramatic improvement, it rarely has a truly noticeable effect. I would add Spywareblaster too, given that it doesn't need to be running all the time. Check how much memory it has - very cheap to upgrade and the single most cost effective way of improving PC performance. XP works very comfortably with 1GB, less so with 512mb or less. click here

  Rizlo 22:50 09 Apr 2009

I don't know what ram etc it has. I just posted here so i could get an head start when she brings it because it takes ages to even open a page.

I will be able to tell you the make etc when she brings the lappy tomorrow. Thanks for your help so far anyway.

PS will it be easier to set it up through remote access? If so how. I am a proper novice.


  brundle 22:55 09 Apr 2009

"will it be easier to set it up through remote access?" - not if it's slow to start with, though you could try shutting down anything unnecessary.

  woodchip 23:15 09 Apr 2009

First things first, What OS? and how much Free Disc Space? loading More Software is just going to slow it down some more

  Rizlo 23:28 09 Apr 2009

The lappy hasnt been on the internet yet, so that must wipe out the, to much software, theory. It is xp. i know that much. I used her lappy three years ago and it took ten minutes to load any page, so i was thinking it's a driver problem. No machine is as slow as that, surely?

I will do a hijack scan and post results here, tomorrow


  brundle 23:33 09 Apr 2009

Don't post HJT logs here...not everyone is capable of reading them. XP with 128MB is very slow, but there's a difference between a system being slow to load a webpage which would indicate networking issue, and it being slow to load a browser in order to show the page in the first place which is more of a system issue.

  justme 23:39 09 Apr 2009

So far nobody has mentioned the most likely cause of a slow internet connection - the modem. If it was connected on a dial up connection when you used it years ago it would have been slow (admittedly not 10 mins for a page).

Is is now going to be connected to a broadband connection and how fast a connection? If yes then you should notice quite a difference in its connection speed.

  Stuartli 00:12 10 Apr 2009

If you go to My Computer>Properties>General tab, you will find a listing of the OS, the CPU and the amount of RAM available in the system.

Further information can be found by downloading SIW (click here) or Everest Home Edition (click here)

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