Any thoughts on this lot please?

  nick_j007 23:12 29 Sep 2005

click here;jsessionid=E673C6FA0180164F2432617AD5D16451.TC30a?__frame=_top&__lf=Static

Think I may have read something positive about these people here actually.

I am not familiar with web design, but it looks as though I may well be able to try my hand on this package.

Looking for a reasonably simple web site with an emphasis on images. I do a lot of my own photography and use Photoshop, so will supply my own images I expect.

I have my URL with Easyspace at this time, and will have to move that lot over to 1&1 too?

Thank you for looking in, just looking for a little reassurance that it's a good deal and they're reputable etc.



  nick_j007 09:25 30 Sep 2005

Just looking for a 'ggod idea'/'bad idea' type reply. :-)


  Taran 09:52 30 Sep 2005

I've had some shocking experiences with 1&1 and won't use them now for domain hosting, but I know a lot of very happy customers and you don't get to their size and popularity without doing something right.

It looks like a well specified account with lots of toys for you to play with and if that's the sort ofthingyou are looking for then by all means consider it.

If you have an interest in displaying images on the web many hosts offer a library of scritps you can activate from within your hosting control panel. There are often several image gallery scripts like the mighty Gallery click here Coppermine Photo Gallery click here and 4Images Gallery click here which can all be downloaded and installed for free on any web host that supports PHP and MySQL.

As I say opinion is relative - if you want or need the features offerd in the 1&1 account you probably won't find one like it anywhere else.

Good luck with it whether you choose 1&1 or not, and don't forget to post your results here when you're done.


  nick_j007 10:03 30 Sep 2005

I actually run a dog behaviour & training business, but have a strong interest in photography also, so will want a gallery connected to it. May get into pet portraiture later on.

My needs are fairly humble I guess, but room for flexibility and growth are useful.

People like to be reassured in seeing images in my line of work as it can be a bit 'touchy-feely' with dogs etc. An image will say a thousand words when they're deciding on who to use as a trainer/behaviourist.

Any other takers re 1&1?

Many thanks as always,


  slowhand_1000 00:58 01 Oct 2005

I've been using 1 and 1 for two years and during that time have heard good and bad about them on this forum. But speaking for myself on the whole I've been very pleased with them. I especially like their control panel which I find very easy to use.

Looking at the package you linked to, do you need the £8.99/month? Would the £4.99/month serve your requirements just as good for a smaller outlay?

  nick_j007 11:51 01 Oct 2005

I think you're right re the package.
The 'Home' one should be sufficient after all.

As long as I can work through the set up on my own I'll be happy. Is the web design wizard 'do-able'? I'm reasonably competent on the PC, but have no idea re web design.

Also, I have .com and the version of my domain name. The .com just to be bloody minded and stop others using it basically, but the is the publicised version.

I currently have a business card type page for them both on Easyspace, and looking to work on the version.

Should I do the web site for them both, or can I set up something like a 'diverter' if people visit .com through to thus needing just the one web site of course (and one monthly fee)

I may well be able to set up the diversion to the full website from within Easyspace...I'll have a look.

Would appreciate some feed back on the above, as once I have that straight in my mind I can get going with my web site. May re post if no good.

Many thanks all on getting me off the ground...much appreciated.


  nick_j007 17:40 01 Oct 2005

I've copied and pasted my last post into a new one under '1&1 questions' so this does no go off on too far a tangent.


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