Any Suggestions?

  babybell 15:01 31 Aug 2005

I'm the only one in my family who has a knowledge of PC's so I am regularly going around family members houses and setting up PC's and installing software and carrying out general maintenance etc. So i have decided after about the 3rd time of downloading and installing software from the internet direct to their pc, to download all useful software and burn to CD and just take that round instead. So far I have Adaware, Spybot S&D, Zone Alarm, AVG Anti Virus, Reg Seeker & CCleaner. I think i have all bases covered but if anyone else has any suggestions as to what else i may need to carry around with me could they let me know. Cheers guys

  CHAIRLEG 15:18 31 Aug 2005
  babybell 15:22 31 Aug 2005

Thanx Chairleg

  Stuartli 15:24 31 Aug 2005

There's a new version of CCleaner today:

click here

  Jackcoms 15:27 31 Aug 2005

Why waste your time downloading, burning to CD and then "regularly going around family members houses and setting up PC's and installing software and carrying out general maintenance etc."?

Why not write an idiot's guide to downloading, installing and running some of the more important AV and anti-malware programs as well as some basic PC housekeeping tips and provide that to your family??

After all, they can't expect to rely on your apparent good nature every time.

They've got to learn sometime.

You might also direct them to this website which is where I've garnered a great deal of my computing knowledge. ;-)

  babybell 15:30 31 Aug 2005

Well i kinda enjoy it, the feeling of superiority and intelligence! Plus it's an excuse for me to see family members i havent seen in a while! I have made a guide for what to do if something goes wrong, but i wouldnt trust them with installations!

  Jackcoms 15:31 31 Aug 2005

Ho, hum!!

  octal 15:35 31 Aug 2005

The only trouble with burning them to disk is that the programms are updated frequently.

Very laudable of you, and a good way to meet the troops on the ground.

  babybell 15:39 31 Aug 2005

That is true octal, but the way i see it is if i install the main program i can just run the update's wizard in that program. And on the occasion that a major update occurs, such as a new version of ad-aware, i'll just burn a new CD, good job there not expensive. I would use my usb memory stick but half of the family have old Win 98 pc's and that would mean me carrying my driver cd around as well!

  Jackcoms 15:48 31 Aug 2005

I still reckon you should provide them with an idiot's guide.

And with Christmas on the horizon, I may just have solved some of your Xmas pressie problems as well. I can see it now:

"Happy Christmas - here's an idiot's guide".


"Happy Christmas idiot - here's a guide".

  Wak 16:27 31 Aug 2005

I would also suggest Spywareblaster and a pop-up stopper.
For the Win 98SE lovers I would suggest that you look at click here and download the file.
This covers the Defrag file which is normally installed in Windows ME and which can be installed in Win 98SE.
It is much more stable and about 10 times faster than the normal Win 98 Defrag system.
Full instructions for the change-over are included making it very simple to do.
I've been using it for nearly a year now and it's much better and faster.
It could save you hours when doing your rounds of maintenance.
Hope this helps.

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