any suggestion about my site speed and color?

  garvins 10:02 15 Apr 2009

That's my first site based on zencart, i do not know too much about site design and development via php, just get help from somebody, then guys told me that's very ugly, which drive me lose courage.

Meanwhile i host my site at, but it's very slowly to access in China, since our customers're located in North America,and EU, so i just want to know what's your feeling about it?

Appreciate your reply.

  Kemistri 20:16 15 Apr 2009

It uses 10 HTTP requests before counting the images: that's bad practice, totally unnecessary and HTTP requests are a *major* contributor to server response and page load times. Neither the CSS files nor the JS files are minified - omitting that method doesn't help either.

  garvins 15:52 16 Apr 2009

Thanks Fourm,we also realise what are you mentioned rencently,we'll modify pictures to small,medium,and large types of them all to meet the require of shopping site!

Kemistri,i'm not very sure about what you said,but i'll try to figure it out with our developer applying with your suggestion.

  Kemistri 16:33 16 Apr 2009

In basic terms, HTTP requests are made by browsers every time they need to fetch a file (of any kind) that has not already been requested and consequently cached (excepting users who disable caching). This includes CSS, JS and images (including any that are called by the CSS or JS rather than the HTML files).

This is why we typically follow this best practice:

- Use only one or two stylesheets and keep conditional stylesheets to a sensible minimum. Never more than one stylesheet - plus any conditionals - for the index page.

- Use one or two JS files and if you use a library (as most of us do now) call it from Google APIs instead of your own server.

- Minify all code when it is ready to be published. This means removing any unnecessary spaces, returns, empty lines, etc. Minfiying tools and websites are widely available.

- Learn how to write really efficient code that does what you want with less. Use a good JS library for that purpose. It applies to PHP as well.

- Be careful with CSS structure - don't repeat declarations unnecessarily by keeping specificity to a minimum.

- Avoid calling files with @import if at all possible. Evidence shows that it is less efficient.

- Use a good quality hosting provider whose servers are reputed to be quick and reliable. Particularly important if there is a lot of server-side code (eg. PHP).

  Kemistri 16:34 16 Apr 2009

And I forgot to include the point that browsers make only two HTTP requests concurrently and therefore have to queue them.

  garvins 02:33 17 Apr 2009

i'd say that's very detailed instructions.

let's sum it up:
1.keep it simple and efficient when design our site,including CSS and JS;
2.choose a better hoster for our site to improve the speed;
3.minish the size of the pictures showed in main page.

Do i get the point?

PS:any comments about Godaddy?we're considering changing hoster,what's the better choice?

Appreciate your advice a mass!


  OTT_Buzzard 10:02 17 Apr 2009

I don't know how good godaddy is, but i use Justhost. So far, they have been cheap and reliable, offering unlimited storage space as well as unlimited domains to run through your account. Worth checking out if you are considering changing.

Love the site by the way. Purely from a 'user' standpoint it looks great!

  Kemistri 11:28 17 Apr 2009

I always advise against cheap hosts that offer unlimited storage and/or bandwidth because you are competing against websites that, for one reason or another, demand that kind of freedom.

You have to question whether a cheap host can afford to invest in the kind of infrastructure that is needed to make such offers without noticeably impacting on performance for all of its customers while more expensive hosts set restrictions. Experience has shown that it's wise to avoid "cheap with no limits".

  garvins 13:34 17 Apr 2009

Hi,Buzzard,that's really good news,thanks your words very much!

Dear Kemistri,appreciate all your words that you have given.

i'd say i agree with you much, i won't host my site somewhere just because it's cheap or anything else,i must take speed,after service and stability in consideration,and above all,i only get what i really need!and pay what i should!

thanks you all!

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