Any SQL gurus....Please Help!!!

  The Sheep 16:36 29 Apr 2003

My problem is as follows. I am trying to create a script file which is a report using SQL Plus (a uni project which states the report has to be done this way, not through report builder). I am trying to give my report a title using the TTITLE command but every time i run the script it gives me an error, yet when i use the exact same command outwith the script (ie directly into SQL Plus) it works correctly. If anybody has read this far then thanks for doing so. Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks!

  The Sheep 16:41 29 Apr 2003


  Sir Radfordin™ 17:33 29 Apr 2003

Sounds like something I had to do!

The task we had was...

Produce a customer contract including Header and Lines, formatted in an easily readable format (using COMPUTE and BREAK ON). Prompt the user during query execution for a single contract number. (see pp98-102, Sikora (1997))

So my suggestion would be find a copy of Sikora and see what it says!

  The Sheep 18:16 29 Apr 2003


  The Sheep 19:34 29 Apr 2003

pretty please

  Taran 19:49 29 Apr 2003

Can you run through exactly how you are trying to create your script file ?

  The Sheep 20:42 29 Apr 2003

Basicaly i'm creating an sql file using notepad then starting this file whilst in SQL PLUS.

  The Sheep 20:49 29 Apr 2003

i'm basically putting the TTITLE CENTER command before the SQL SELECT statement that i'm using to extract the data. As i mentioned, if i type the TTITLE command directly into SQL Plus its fine, it just doesnt like it when its in a script. Thanks for the response by the way.

  Taran 20:22 30 Apr 2003

I was after a little more (the whole query would have been a bit more helpful).

Out of curiosity, have you tried the command without the position attribute ?

Try removing the CENTER part of the command and see if it still throws out the error.

Have you also tried leaving the title and trying a bottom title along the lines of:

BTITLE printspec [text|variable]


It may help to know whether your script is tripping up over the formatting of the title or the title in relation to the rest of the query or any one of a number of other possibilities.

Try it without the CENTER tag and then remove the TITLE tag completely and use a BTITLE instead just to compare results.

It could help me to find out why things are not going according to plan.

Oh, and once again, the entire query (unless it's of impressively vast proportions) would help, and if you don't want to post it in the Helproom you can email me, I'll respond with my contact address and you can send it that way if you prefer.

I'll try and look in on this again tomorrow evening.


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