Any spec. suggestions for my new £500 laptop?

  Pineman100 19:00 27 Oct 2012

I've got £500 to spend on a new laptop, and I'd welcome any recommendations, not necessarily for a specific machine (although go ahead if you feel like it!) but generally what I should look for in terms of spec.

My heaviest uses are:

  • A lot of Photoshop work
  • Storage for loads of image files (I'm a photography enthusiast)
  • A fair amount of DTP work (Serif PagePlus)
  • A certain amount of simple website construction (Serif WebPlus)
  • Possibly getting into a bit of music composition with SoundForge Audio Studio

All thoughts and recommendations gratefully received.

  rdave13 19:12 27 Oct 2012

This one looks good, , for £500 but has Win 8 installed.

  Pineman100 09:27 28 Oct 2012

Thanks for that, rdave13. Yes, it looks good value-for-money.

My only problem is the size - a 17" screen is going to make for quite a big machine, and I think I'd prefer a maximum screen size below 16".

Do you think a Core i3 processor will have sufficient power to handle my needs speedily, or should I try to hang out for a Core i5?

  rickf 09:47 28 Oct 2012

I think you would need to have at least a Core i5 with 4 cores or an AMD Phenom X4. I have both and I can say the Core i5 with 4 cores is much faster in processing. In your case, you would also need at least 8g of ram and choose one with a dedicated graphics card. Some come with 1g ddr3 memory. I think this would speed up photoshop processing and music work. Ones with AMD are cheaper so the choice is yours. At present I am using an Acer Aspire 5552 AMD Phenom IIx4 N930 with 8g Ram and dedicated graphics card. The other one is a Packard Bell ( same company, Acer) EasyNote TK 87 with Core i5 and 6g ddr3 Ram but with Intel HD Graphics. The latter is noticeably faster but I have less programmes on it so that might make a difference. Also if there is a choice go for a H/D at 72000 as opposed to 52000. Both are less than £500.

  Pineman100 11:17 28 Oct 2012

That's very useful information, rickf, thank you. I'll check out those models.

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