Any simple Excel templates for wall calandars Pls?

  six-h 17:20 04 Feb 2011

Hi Guys, looking for one with UK hols and info on rather than the ubiquitous US bumf!

  fsbb 22:58 04 Feb 2011

If you are looking for a printable calender try here click here


Select the calender you want from the site, highlight it, then copy it into Excel spreadsheet. Make columns narrower and edit to suite.

  six-h 23:09 04 Feb 2011

Thanks fsbb, I'm aware of that site, but was specifically after an Excel template.
I can only find them with US holidays which is almost as annoying as the lack of an edit feature on here....when you realise you've miss-spelled something, after you've hit the button! lol

  I am Spartacus 23:13 04 Feb 2011

Vertex42 have a decent range click here

  six-h 23:30 04 Feb 2011

I am Spartacus, I've had a browse round their site but without actually downloading any templates.
Again, they seem to have only American hols!
Just hoped that VOG™ might have some gem!

  BRYNIT 23:36 04 Feb 2011

As these will be Excel templates why not just download a calender with American hols delete and insert the British hols in your self.

  Belatucadrus 23:54 04 Feb 2011
  six-h 14:10 06 Feb 2011

Thanks Belatucadrus, but what I'm after is one Month per A4 landscape page.

BRYNIT, would that I was such a whiz with Excel!
The closest I've got to what I wanted is the Vertex one, where I have the option to have it either with the US Holidays, or with none at all!

I would imagine that there is a more refined way of "Anglicising" either template than deleting and typing in each and every significant date; so that they transfer correctly to the calendars for subsequent year's.

  six-h 17:59 06 Feb 2011

Still stumbling around in the dark here!
I've found this click here which seems to be what I'm looking for, but I've no idea what to do with it!
Can any excel wizards help?

  lotvic 20:25 06 Feb 2011

From your link, I selected the list, copied it, pasted it into Notepad, reselected it, copied and pasted into a new sheet in Excel.
Result was a sheet in columns of the bank holidays (TRUE) or notable dates (FALSE - meaning it's not a Bank Holiday)
The one they missed out was the Royal Wedding Bank Hol on 29th Apl this year.

(It didn't work copying and pasting straight into Excel as it all went into one cell instead of separate columns. But by pasting into notepad and re copying it did the columns)

  AroundAgain 21:55 06 Feb 2011

After selecting and copying, use 'Paste Special' as Text or Unicode (via RC or Edit) then it can be pasted straight into Excel, and is in columns - just makes it a bit easier ;)
Then, just adjust your columns to how you like them

As lotvic suggests, have to add 29 April as BH

Hope you find this tip useful

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