Any recommendations for a good lamp server host?

  kc901 12:29 18 Jan 2005

Hi anyone in the know here able to recommend a good host based in the UK prefferably running Redhat.

Must be a LAMP server,Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

  Taran 17:41 18 Jan 2005

The vast majority of UK (and worldwide) hosts are running Linux servers (in one form or another) with some also offering Windows or specialising in it.

Try Areti click here

Top company, top service.

Why is Red Hat so important ?

  kc901 18:33 18 Jan 2005

Red Hat is important as my program is already running on it, I need to change server and guess it would be best if the new server was setup the same.

The sites i have looked at dont seem to give much disk space, i need atleast 3GB, will a normal server host give me that much?

  Taran 19:09 18 Jan 2005

No, a normal host will give you nowhere near that amount of space.

You are talking about server disk space - the storage space for your web program files ?

That is not the same as bandwidth, which is the measurement of data transfer.

Frankly, if you have a 3GB requirement and a web application even a fraction of that size you need far, far more than most hosts would reasonably be prepared to offer.

You may have to start thinking along the lines of a dedicated server.

Cheap hosting sometimes seems good on the surface and sometmes it is. If you want reliability for your program though, you'll have to dig into your pocket.

  Forum Editor 20:14 18 Jan 2005

that anyone could conceivably need 3Gb of server space for a single web site, but then you may not be running a single web site.

I have used Areti (the company mentioned by Taran) for years, and I have only praise for their service. They're small, but they are very, very good. They aren't at the cheap end of the market, and they certainly won't provide you with anything remotely like 3Gb of space on any of their normal hosting packages. If you need that amount of space you would be best advised to have a dedicated server with the host.

I doubt that you need to stick to RedHat - unless you have some very specific reasons any Linux server will do the job. A dedicated server isn't going to be cheap, and I wonder why you want to make a change at all if you already have the kind of space you need.

  kc901 21:28 18 Jan 2005


I had this program written last year, its not only a web site it is a program that runs from a server. Its all a bit complicated really and dont want to go to far into it as i have been told the program is unique.

Basically my original programmer agreed to write it for a fixed fee, i paid that fee many times over in the end and now he is asking for more. I have the source code so i am now looking to get it setup on a new server so i dont have to deal with him anymore. The original server is set up in his name.

I will look into a dedicated server, thanks.

The current server currently has 3.9 gig of space used.

  Forum Editor 23:02 18 Jan 2005

and good luck with the hunt for a host.

  Charence 23:37 18 Jan 2005

click here for a package with 5GB web space with a choice of Debian Woody / Debian Sarge / Fedora Linux / RedHat 9.0. All for £19.99/mo.

To find product I'm talking about, click on Professional then click on VDS 1024. All the packages use Linux OS, but only the above package lets you choose RedHat (I think).


  kc901 00:37 19 Jan 2005

Thanks Charence, that looks more like what i am after.

  Taran 18:12 19 Jan 2005

1. Did you have a written cost agreement with your original programmer ? If so, there is no need for any additional payment.

2. Any host willing to offer you that sort of space does so for very specific reasons (i.e. they don't expect you to ever use it)

3. Unless you are very familiar with setting up web applications on a server (filepaths, file and folder permissions and so on) you will fall flat pretty quickly.

4. I would be interested to see you transpose 3GB of web application from its current home to a computer via FTP, then from your computer back up to its new server via FTP.

Since most hosts charge for additional bandwidth, downloading the application to your PC for transfer will cost you 3GB of bandwidth, unless you are lucky enough to have a host that will write the application to DVD and deliver it to you (at cost of course).

Downloading it all will take a long time, even on broadband. Uploading it will take far, far longer.

Personally I don't see this as a particularly viable project.

Rather than looking at pulling the rug from underneath your current programmer, get an agreement hammered out and make damned sure both of you stick to it. If any paperwork is to hand detailing original costs then you should seek legal advice, but don't hold your breath if you've kept handing over money all this time. Be firm, stick to your gnus and get the bumps smoothed out. While you are on at this, you might ask why on earth the program is so huge.

I've written some pretty vast systems in my time but 3GB is just beyond me for a domestic or small/medium business system. Unless you are including files that your program displays or handles like images, video, sound etc, I really can't think of any reason why a web application could ever reach that size. E-commerce catalogues are commonly far, far smaller - tens of megabytes is quite a large application.

There are loads of hosts bandying big numbers around in terms of bandwidth and disk space. They only do this because they know nobdy will or could ever use even a fraction of it. Take my word for it, the moment you approach the sort of size you are talking about, your host will want to know what the heck you are up to.

If you can't or won't go into detail about the program then that's fair enough. You will find though, that any host offering you big numbers at low cost will balk when you actually start using that amount of space.

Like Forum Editor I wish you every success and good luck. I suspect you will need it.

  Charence 19:35 19 Jan 2005

Is the program one massive file? If so you may have trouble FTPing it even if your bandwith allows this to be done. The FTP program I use, WS_FTP, won't let me transfer something that large.


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