Any problems with today's ZA update?

  stlucia 19:50 05 Dec 2008

I logged on as usual about 8:00 this morning and ZA notified me of an update. I carried out the update, but after I'd rebooted to activate it I couldn't get back onto the internet using AOL BB Dialler. The dialler hangs at "Stage 3 Checking password", and then eventually time-outs. I eventually got on by stopping ZA running, connecting to the net, then starting ZA again.

Again around lunch time, and then again just now (I switch off my PC when I'm not using it) I've had to do the same thing to get onto the net. Is it ZA, or is it just coincidence that AOL is having a bad connection day?

  csqwared 20:48 05 Dec 2008

Just installed the new version of ZA (Free version) version no. and no problems. Have checked I can connect to all my usual stuff and all O.K. Using WinXP Home SP3.

  steve0 21:43 05 Dec 2008

Installed free version of the firewall on computer today (version 8) after a propt asking if I wanted to update. Completely froze my machine. Could not uninstall. Had to go to safe mode and uninstall from there. Computer now fine but no more zone alarm.
Running winxp home and SP3

  stlucia 21:52 05 Dec 2008

Thanks for the responses.

I think I've sorted the problem on my machine: The problem remained when I tried to access the internet just now, but instead of switching ZA off I opened it up and looked at the settings. Internet Zone security was set at high, so I changed it to medium; and there were half a dozen entries for AOL and 4 for AOL dialler in the Program Control list of programs, with green ticks against only one of each entry. I changed the question marks against the other AOL entries to ticks, and AOL dialler worked first time. Possibly I could have deleted the seemingly duplicate entries, but for the moment I haven't.

Or maybe it's just coincidence that AOL's connectivity is back to normal ....

  Sea Urchin 21:58 05 Dec 2008

All running OK here with new version of ZA - on XP Pro SP3

  Stuartli 23:31 05 Dec 2008

Why not switch to Comodo Firewall Pro (freeware)?

Even better than ZA I learned a few moths ago after having used ZA for several years and the changeover has proved this to be correct.

  stlucia 07:39 06 Dec 2008

Apart from this one problem, ZA has worked fine for me, so I'll stick with it until/unless I get more reason to change. But thanks for the suggestion, Stuartli.

  howard64 19:23 06 Dec 2008

it froze my pc had to do a system restore in safe mode but now it connects for a few minutes and disconnects me. Zone alarm is now not showing and I cannot check its settings.

  Batch 11:53 07 Dec 2008

There really isn't much need to keep updating firewall software unless there is a known problem / risk. A firewall is basically a static piece of software that sits in the background doing its job. Contrast with anti-virus which needs its virus signature files updated very frequently (e.g. every day).

BTW, I tried using comodo but found it very fussy and difficult to get it to stay set up the way I wanted it to. One of their support guys admited to me that there was a disconnect between the firewall engine developers and the user interface developers such that changes made via the user interface didn't always get registered with the engine - seemingly due to bad version control in their software libraries. Not very reassuring at all.

  stlucia 16:50 07 Dec 2008

The problem still persisted, even after I'd changed the ZA settings, then uninstalled and reinstalled it to start its database afresh.

So, today I uninstalled ZA and installed Comodo firewall. So far, AOL Dialler has connected successfully on the only two times I've booted my PC with Comodo installed. So, for me, the strong circumstantial evidence is that there's something in the most recent ZA upgrade/update that caused the problem.

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