Any Printers that take Canon BNCi24 Cartridges

  Bargee 20:02 03 Jun 2011


I know this is probably a silly question, but you never know your luck.

Are there any current inkjet printers that will take the Canon BCi24 ink cartridges? My Pixma ip2000 has finally filled its "drip tray", won't print anymore & as you can't fix it, I've been left with about a dozen new cartridges

Any ideas apart from selling them on ebay?


  Bob Exeter 20:30 03 Jun 2011

Go to Google. Enter the canon cartridge details and connect to 999 inks.

This site will give details of Canon printers that can use your particular cartridge.

Bob Exeter.

  Terry Brown 21:39 03 Jun 2011

I don't know a lot about the canon printer, however if you can see the drip tray ( but cannot open it -I assume), there may be a way to fix it.

If you have an ink refill kit availale do the following.

If you can actually see the ink in the tray, get an empty syringe,pust the plunger right down, place it in the ink tray and slowly pull the plunger up. Ths will draw some ink away from the tray and should enable you to get some more life from the printer.

If you cannot see the ink, but know where it is , you will have to drill a small hole (2mm)in the top of the tray and place the syringe in that


  Bargee 11:19 06 Jun 2011

Thanks Terry & Bob.

Bob, that was a great idea, but unfortunately all those listed seem to be unavaiable except as used, so that still could be a possibility.

Terry, the "drip tray" is actually the waste ink absorber & when this is full, you can clean the thing out & it won't make any difference. You can remove & reinstall the printer & it won't make any difference. The darn thing simply will not print once you get this waste ink absorber full message. Total pain.

The only thing I can do is ask the ink supplier if they'll do an exchange for cartridges I can use.

Cheers anyway.

  Digital 12:33 06 Jun 2011

Bargee, have you looked at

  Terry Brown 13:31 07 Jun 2011

I have a HP printer with a prolem similar to that and I had to reset the internal counter

On my printer, I had to turn it off, press and hold the right menu button and enter, then switch on, after the first 'Beep' release the buttons and the system was reset (counter back to Zero) and the printer worked again. Could yours be asimilar roblem ?

I have found this solution, however I do not know if it works or not.

link text


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