Any possible upgrades for my PC?

  maciduc 10:17 06 Feb 2003

well i have upgraded the RAM speed, i want to improve my PC but i don't really know what is available for improvement.
my PC model specs:-
HP Pavilion 7805, intel celeron processor...
well thats all i know that is related to my computer.
please help ,thanks

  cherria 10:31 06 Feb 2003

You need to tell us a little more before anybody could recomend upgrades.

How fast is the processor?
How much memory?
How large a hard disk?
what graphics card?
what motherboard?

what do you use/want to use the pc for?

  Belatucadrus 10:34 06 Feb 2003

Download Aida 32 click here get it to benchmark your system and post more info on the hardware. With the limited system info posted so far any upgrade advice is likely to be very vague.

  Lozzy 10:56 06 Feb 2003

click here download this onto your PC and run it it will give you all the data we need but only supply data on the following and nothing else from it as it gives you everything on your PC..

Data to supply::

Motherboard, Ram Type and amount, Bios Type and version, Processor type and Mghz, Graphics Card, And all other hardware info with what version of windows your running and if you have any service packs downloaded for windows..

  « Ravin » 11:44 06 Feb 2003

Hp Pavilion 7805

click here

  fattiger 11:51 06 Feb 2003

I have a time pc,550 mghertz AMDK6-2w/3DNow processor,128memory[256 on order], a MSI INC.ALADDIN5 ver:1.0,main circuit board, the BIOS is American Megatrends,Inc0626 07/15/95,ATIRage 128 VR AGP display adapter, ISDN, cd/rw and DVD, windows 98SE, bus clock 100 megahertz.What can do to improve upon this without incurring exhorbitant cost?

  Djohn 11:59 06 Feb 2003

fattiger, it will be better to start a new thread for you PC, so that no one will get confused.

Make your title *PC Upgrade* and copy /paste the above information into the box. Regards.J.

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 12:11 06 Feb 2003

Looking at the spec that Ravin kindly gave us the link for, i think that you should consider purchasing a dedicated graphics card and sound card. Nothing too flashy is needed, but by doing this you will leave the RAM on the MOBO free for software application rather than having to cope with sound and graohics production. You will see a definate all round improvement.

By the way, What do you use the computer for mainly? this might influence the upgrade undertaken.

  Belatucadrus 14:32 06 Feb 2003

SpyMan²°°­­³ is right about the sound and graphics cards, they are the most obvious updates. Don't forget you may need to get a PCI card, there is no reference to an AGP slot on the spec page. click here
or click here for a couple of options. Do choose any sound card carefully as the cheaper ones use system ram as memory, so will be a negligible improvement.

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