Any point upgrading ram from 4GB to 8GB

  Ben9000uk 20:43 21 Oct 2009

My current computer spec is this:
Intel Q6600 2.66GHZ processor
4GB DDR2 800MHZ ram
Nvidia 8800 GTS 1GB graphics card
Asus striker extreme motherboard

I just installed 64bit windows 7 and so am wondering whether theres any point in buying another 4GB of ram. I found i can get the exact same model ram as i have at the moment for about £60 but am i going to actually see a performance difference or is it just gonna be completely unnecasary. I do play quite a lot of games on my PC so 8GB of ram may be useful for that but would the spec of my processor and graphics card and speed of the ram stop any noticeable performance difference.

  I am Spartacus 21:18 21 Oct 2009

Worth reading this before deciding click here

  woodchip 22:07 21 Oct 2009

What you intend doing sending some one to Mars

  gigagiggles 23:51 21 Oct 2009

hello, ben900uk.

"I do play quite a lot of games on my PC so 8GB of ram may be useful for that"

LOL. only if you ran these games in separate windows simultaneously.

most game programmers write for the widest audiences. they will likely limit their memory resource usages.

i finally saw my pc physically use more than 2gb when i allocated 2gb to one instance of a memtest. :-)

  Ben9000uk 16:55 22 Oct 2009

ok so i see that for single games or applications i dont need more than 4GB of ram, but what about when im running multiple applications simultaneously. I often have photoshop, visual studio, built programs from visual studio, firefox and sometimes more all running at the same time across two monitors of 1920x1080 resolution and 1680x1050. Would the extra ram increase performance when used in situations like this.

  Input Overload 17:02 22 Oct 2009

If you do go for 8 GIG don't forget to drop the fact out in casual conversation at the pub & the tell the know-all's in the family.

I've always found you can't have too much RAM. I remember paying over £250 for 16 Meg to run Win 95 effectively.

  gigagiggles 04:37 23 Oct 2009

hello, ben9000uk.

what does win 7 report now as physically in use memory when you have all those programs open?

if anything, having a swapfile on a separate speedy hard drive would improve performance as windows cache and swap between programs.

  KremmenUK 07:01 23 Oct 2009

Depending on the OS it may be a waste as only so much is read.

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