any partition experts out there

  dlguk 19:34 05 Dec 2009

I have bought a new external h/drive and through Computer Manager have set a Primary partition, however I can’t label the rest of the drive unless I make that primary too?
I want to be able to make a total backup of my system on one partition and use the rest of the disk for storage.
I would really appreciate any help.

Thank you

  Technotiger 19:47 05 Dec 2009

Why bother with partitions - just make your backup and put it in a Backup Folder on your external drive. You can still use the drive for storage as well.

  dlguk 20:16 05 Dec 2009

I need it to back upso as to restore incase of disk failure etc

  MAT ALAN 20:21 05 Dec 2009

The primary partition is the first division of a hard disk drive. often the only one on the disk. If there are multiple partitions, the primary partition is the one that holds the operating system and has to be made "active" in order to install/load OS.

Logical partitions are the way to extend MBR's (Master Boot Record) limitaion of 4 partitions to 24 logical partitions. Make one primary partiton of required size and allot all other space to extended partition then in extended parttiton, you can further define/create Logical drives/partitions of different sizes and that many you want.

Any Logical partition is good and only option for backups & to store documents.

  woodchip 21:15 05 Dec 2009

You just make the Primary Partition Active Partition on that drive, then create Logical Partitions to follow it on the same drive

  woodchip 21:20 05 Dec 2009

PS if you use Acronis to Create Images of the Operating System they need to be on the Primary Partition as Acronis will not see the others if you boot using Acronis rescue CD or Acronis CD

  dlguk 21:37 05 Dec 2009

I will get back to you tomorrow if thats ok with you.

Thank you again

  dlguk 15:33 06 Dec 2009

Hi woodchip, the option Logical Drive is unavailable (greyed out, ghosted) on the New Partition Wizard.

  bremner 15:59 06 Dec 2009

There are only two types of partition - primary and extended.

A hard drive can have up to four partitions but and an extended partition can have up to 24 logical drives.

You can make two primary partitions of which one will be bootable and the other can be used for storage. Or you can make one primary and one extended, then partition the extended into as many logical drives as you want.

  dlguk 16:13 06 Dec 2009

bremner, 'then partition the extended into as many
logical drives as you want', How :S

  Batch 16:30 06 Dec 2009

I use Acronis TI (v8) and a single physical drive inside my PC with one primary partition and one extended partition (containing 3 logical drives).

When I create an image of my primary partition (drive C:) I initially put it in one of the logical drives in the extended partition. I've restored from this many many times using the Acronis boot CD - i.e. TI can see and use these logical drives without a problem.

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