Any PaperPort users around?

  exdragon 13:28 10 Sep 2009

Hi - I've got a problem wit PaperPort 11 (and am using XP). I've used this for years in one version or another but after telling someone the other day that it had never let me can guess the rest!

It will open, and I can see the thumbnails as usual but the screen then goes white and hangs if I try to do anything at all. I tried a system restore but no joy.

The error details I'm getting when I end it are WER51(this number changes with each closedown)ac.dir00\Paprport.exe.mdmp and also \appcompat.txt.

The only thing I did yesterday was to run Malwarebytes, but it's never had any effect on this programme before. Also tried a repair and reboot a couple of times. If I uninstall and reinstall, does anyone know all my scanned docs (several years' worth of my life) will magically reappear?

  chub_tor 14:52 10 Sep 2009

Earlier versions of PaperPort kept all the documents in a folder that was not removed if the programme was uninstalled. I have Paperport 11 but have not used it much but it seems as if the all the documents are now kept in a PaperPort folder inside the Documents folder (at least it does in Vista).

Uninstalling and reinstalling PaperPort 11 should allow you to see your scanned documents again but to be safe I would be inclined to back up your scanned docs onto a USB memory stick, CD or DVD first.

  exdragon 14:59 10 Sep 2009

chub_tor, thanks - I've backed up to a memory stick and was transferring them to my laptop, just in case, but it was taking so long to import them!

I'll give it a go, so fingers crossed!

  exdragon 16:48 10 Sep 2009

Hmm, well, that didn't work, but I tried with my other half's CD with my own registration number and everything seems back to normal. Must be a problem with my CD.

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