Any one why this?

  User-FCAB1FAF-5F56-42E6-A2FC5454DEE486F8 17:50 31 Jan 2010


Does any one know why there was no pinnacle Studio 13

Went from V 12 to 14?

Does seem abot odd

Does PC ADvisor know why?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:56 31 Jan 2010

Is considered a unlucky number by a lot of people and they would avoid buying anything with a 13 on it.

Many hotels do not have a room 13, the planes I travelled on last week did not have any seats marked 13.

I suspect that this is a manufactures / publishers decision to jump from v12 to v14.

Good point that.

I just wounded

they did that with Movie Edit by Magix to 12 to 14

  eedcam 18:43 31 Jan 2010

Ha! Some might say its bad luck to buy any of their Versions

  Fingees 19:25 31 Jan 2010

I worked at an American owned Hotel in London, on the odd occasion.

There was no thirteenth floor.

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