Any Nero experts? Help with Titles and Credits etc

  Stressed Mum 18:14 12 Apr 2008

Having previously used Windows Movie Maker with ease (except when burning and converting files!) I have now purchased Nero 8. I am doing quite well so far - as the basic movie maker or slide show is the same as WMM - but - I cannot find a tool to help with Opening titles and credits, or tiles before clips etc. - I hope I am just overlooking this and don't find that it is actually not abailable surely? Anyone know? So far I have to say despite all the time faults and convert faults with WMM is appears to produce something better?? The title and credit options are clearly there to be used and I would like to use similar with Nero - but where are they?? Have tried signing up to Nero - but that site is absolutely useless! Running XP. Would really appreciate any help. Thank you. SM :(

From what you are talking about I think you will find that it requires a plugin from as the Nero 8 has had alot of people complaining with its compatibilty.

Personally I took my copy back as it had too many problems and still use Nero 7 with NO problems.

  eedcam 19:08 12 Apr 2008

See if you can get a refund and get something like Adobepremiere elements or Magix movie pro 10 plus for a tenner check it out and see if it fits your needs
click here

  Stressed Mum 19:17 12 Apr 2008

Oh no! This was so recommended earlier to me! Nero Nero Nero I was told! Blimey! What chances do you think I'll have geting a refund from PC World? I very much doubt it!

  MCE2K5 21:22 12 Apr 2008

Hang About for Half an Hour, I think I have found out how to put Titles & Credits to your Block Buster Film.

Are you using Nero 8, Nero Vision?

  Stressed Mum 21:32 12 Apr 2008

You are very kind - I am working hard here - and have worked around the problem in a very odd way - but if you have another way I sure would love to know. At the moment I am copying colours from paint for background credits and switching between headers and footers etc - very long winded. Yes to nero 8 - Nero Vision 5. At the moment feels like £60. down the pan! So, I'll hang around here - look forward to hearing from you. SM :)

  MCE2K5 22:17 12 Apr 2008

Right, I'm Back.

Is this click here the type of titles you are trying to do, Just watch the first 37 seconds and the last 12 seconds.

Then let me know here if that is what you are trying to do.

  Stressed Mum 22:28 12 Apr 2008

How could I not watch it all? Yes! That's what I'd like to do - but the only background I can get is black, and that option only appears to be available for 'movie' making - not in slide show - so after putting 300+ hotos on slide show, I am not able to title page inbtween - so will have to re make on 'movie'. How could Windows moive Maker possibly offer better editing?

  MCE2K5 22:39 12 Apr 2008

The Black Background is just a Picture coloured Black.

Open Paint, you will see a White Rectangle, In the Colour Pallette, Click the Black Square Box (The one that is top Left, Out of the 28 Coloured Boxes), Then Click on The Paint Pot (Can) to the Right of the Eraser, Then Click anywhere on the Large White Rectangle, You will now have a Black Rectangle.

Then Click File, Save as, Select JPEG as Save File Type, Give it a Name Like Black Bacground, That is that bit done.

Any Questions?

  Stressed Mum 23:04 12 Apr 2008

Nope - not on that score - got my daughter to save every colour and put safely away in a folder ready to use... the question I do have is this an oversight in the software? Just can't get around the fact that something so simple is so long winded... also, do you know of a help site for Nero - I would love to find someone who had time to answer other questions - but don't want to bother experts on PC Advisor over something so tedious - nero's site next to useless. I assume you are a user of Nero and your help has been valuable - thank you. Good to know that I am heading in the right direction with these title pages and credits. My next quiz is how to preview the movie as you're making it - mine keeps stopping. I have added music, a couple of title pages and transistions - but when i go to the start of the movie and press play I only get the first 30 seconds or so then it stops. Very strange! I have tried the 'help' page which talks of a preview control - but I can't find that anywhere?? I have tried the 'more' button and ticked unticked every available combination with no effect. If and only if you have time I would appreciate your help. No worries if not. Thanks. SM :)

  MCE2K5 23:13 12 Apr 2008

I am available every Day & Night and WILL see you through this.

I have tried to find a Web Site, But came up blank.

To Preview the whole movie, If you look at bottom part of the screen, It looks like a strip of Cine Film, A series of Grey Dashes, If you click on that line of Dashes, It Turnes Blue, Then press play and it goes through the whole film.

David H.

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