Any musicaly minded PC users out there please?

  edennorman 14:39 14 Nov 2005

Not being musical myself, I was at a loss when my 10 year old daughter came to me and said:

"Dad..I want to be able to make (simple) music on my pc and then play it back so that I can play along with it."

She plays guitar really quite well and is a keen song writer...all this at 10 already! Oy Ve.

Now does anyone know where I need to should be something fairly simple I guess.

Any ideas please.

Thank you


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:50 14 Nov 2005
  iambeavis 14:50 14 Nov 2005

Although this is primarily tablature, it does do normal notation as well - click here

  Skyver 14:59 14 Nov 2005

This looks a little complex at first, but all you really need to concentrate on are the play/record/stop functions - click here
If you can pick up a second hand version 2, (or see if this trial download is still for version 2 and not version 3 click here) it should be more than sufficient.
There are a few choices here, though some are pretty out of date, and there's only a small range of free apps to choose from click here

  anniesboy68 15:19 14 Nov 2005

edennorman Does she want to play chords along with the music she composes or melody along with chords? You could try Band in a box.

  edennorman 15:31 14 Nov 2005

Thank you for your input so far...I shall be looking at what has been pointed out in the way of links and suggestions.

I think she would like to be able to create a simple sequence of chords,the exact sound of which could be played about with....and the beat altered 3/4 , 4/4 etc.

Maybe other instruments could be added....but it has to be pretty simple.

Knowing her she would sing, play chords and play melody (not all at once) once she had a loop of chords to play along to.

I did have a look at some pieces of software...but they had such (apparently) complicated interfaces that I felt they offered far too much choice for a ten year old

  keewaa 15:32 14 Nov 2005

click here is a good guitar site

  Wak 16:10 14 Nov 2005

This click here should be of interest but is only available when on the Internet.
It plays chords and can add rhythm and drum beats.
A great help to budding Song writers.

  woodchip 16:24 14 Nov 2005
  pj123 16:57 14 Nov 2005

I have a CD Dance eJay. I think I found it in a bargain bucket somewhere for pennies.

I've only used it once and it isn't even on my computer anymore. I don't want it.

Don't know what version mine is but seems like it is up to version 7 now: click here

If you want to try the one I have before you buy email me and I will send it to you

  Maturin 18:16 14 Nov 2005

See this website for details of a marvellous moderatley priced music program click here


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