Any Linux experts around?

  tigertop2 17:05 29 Mar 2008

I thought I'd try Linux Ubuntu on a brand new PC I have built. Nothing loaded on it so far , no drivers, no Ops system. I am trying to install Ubuntu.7.10. Get so far then it crashes around the 50% installation mark with a message that 'Ubiquity has crashed', whatever that is. Tried a second DVD from the 'Linux for non-Geeks manual'. Still get the Ubiquity problem during the install and the Linux manual is not too good on installation problems. I have repeated the process 3 or 4 times I have tried posting the problem on the Linux UK Forum but nothing back so far. My PC posts OK so sure it is not the problem

Anyone had any experience of this problem --or can explain a way around it, please?. I can live with Windows XP until Bill G releases 'Seven' but it would be nice to try Linux

  skidzy 18:22 29 Mar 2008

I think i would be trying PCLinuxOS ,this is the nearest to windows as it gets.

Im a newbie to Linux and have tried a few distro's now and stick with LOS dual booting on a xp pro machine.

If you wish to try LOS,take a look click here
plenty of tips.

Not positive with this but load the motherboard drivers as i think Ubuntu may need/use some of the driver scripts.

  octal 19:46 29 Mar 2008

Like skidzy, I use PCLinixOS and have been using it for about a year now without any real problems at all. It sounds like it could be a driver problem, in which case PCLOS might work better because they seem to have more drivers installed.

  tigertop2 20:16 29 Mar 2008

Thanks Skidzy and Octal. I will take a look at PCLinuxOS. Just wish the whole experience was a bit simpler. I'm not sure about loading the MOBO drivers either but there is no mention of that in any of the info I have read on Linux. In fact it all seems remarkably light on info about loading drivers especially if one wants to put in a new GPU or install a wireless card. The handbooks seem to breeze right through the installation side yet I come across lots of install problems re Linux on other sites.

We shall see. It may drive me completely round the bend but Microsoft has given me a headstart on that over the years

  kjrider 20:17 29 Mar 2008

I put my Unbubtu downloaded disk in, installed it and was on the net in 20 mins, getting all the updates.

I think its good, comes with games, an office suite (that takes M$ latest Excel sheets), Firefox net browser, DVD/CD players/writer, etc.

It can do most printers, but it can't seem to get to my Samsung SCX-4100.

Have got an AMD 3500 2GB Ram and an Optronix MB.


  octal 20:39 29 Mar 2008

I think the problem is one of familiarity, it's a different way of doing things which may appear confusing. I'm having to use Windows at work and after using Linux for so long I'm finding Windows a bit confusing and Linux easier to use, it's strange how quickly you get used to something.

  tigertop2 20:54 29 Mar 2008

Yes Octal, you are right about being so used to Windows one does not take the new procedures in--But I had Linux 50% loaded when it crashed due to this Ubiquity application. Still might try again tomorrow when I may feel better about it, Thanks

  octal 21:05 29 Mar 2008

Just as a matter of interest I had a look in Google for Ubuntu and Ubiquity and seems there is a bug somewhere with Ubiquity, so it might be worth trying another distro like PCLOS or try downloading a version of Ubuntu from their site.

Let us know how you get on won't you?

  tigertop2 21:10 29 Mar 2008

Octal, thanks
I will let you all know in due course.

  DieSse 21:13 29 Mar 2008

Try the new Ubuntu v8.04 beta. The final is due out in April, and as this will be the nest LTS (Long Term Support) version, it's the one to use if you're starting off now.

It's already very stable, and most if not all the components are to the latest releases.

  tenplus1 21:53 29 Mar 2008

Is your computer 32-bit or 64-bit (amd/intel)??? There's a different cd for each:

click here


click here

also, butn the iso file at a slow speed, that'll make the install run better too...

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