Any known config probs with old router & card & XP

  Matty-K 12:09 14 Mar 2006

Hello all. After spending all weekend unsuccessfully trying to wirelessly connect my desktop to a laptop. I was wondering if there's any known issues with the hardware and software I'm using.

My ISP is Blueyonder using the Motorola SB5100 modem.

The wireless router is a Belkin Cable/DSL Gateway Router F5D6230-3.

The network card is a Belkin Wireless Notebook Network Card F5D6020 ver 2.

The Laptop is a Compaq Evo N60.

And the OS on both desktop & laptop is XP PRO.

I can connect both desktop and laptop seperately through the router using the ethernet cable and get a connection. Its when i try to get a wireless connection to the laptop that the probs arrise. Ive updated the driver for the network card and the firmware for the router but alass no joy.

Iv'e rung Belkin but they couldn't help. Although should point out as call centre was obviously a fair distance from the UK, there was some difficulty in understanding on both parts.

In conclusion a few poss causes and questions come to mind. The wife insisted on trying to set it up prior to me and changed just about every setting in the monitor utility possible. Which i personally think could be a factor.

When it was set up by the person who donated the Belkin Hardware the OS was windows 2000 and although he had some probs, he managed so set it up as would like.

If it is an age factor would it be more benifitial to upgrade the router or the adapter or wqould it need to be both.

As it stands I've reset all the settings on the Belkin login page back to factory settings for the router and await any help anybody could give me openly. Although I'm undecided at present, if would get more satifaction from fixing the prob or taking the hardware outside and repeatedly hitting it with a hammer.

thanks in advance for any help.

  Danoh 14:36 14 Mar 2006

:-) After you've vented (not on the kit though), you could tackle this by viewing them as 3 variables;
1) Wireless settings
2) Router wireless fault
3) Laptop wireless card fault

1) Belkin Wireless set-up.
There are quite a few threads in this forum that relates to this, in addition to a manual for your specific router which you can find on the Belkin support web site.
Although other threads may deal with non-Belkin routers, the steps involved tend to be the same. E.g. click here

It would probably be easier for you to borrow a laptop or USB wireless adapter, which is known to work, to check if your router's wireless is working.
If you don't know anyone with such items for loan, you could buy a USB adapter at less cost to test things out.
If things work, then it could replace your laptop's wireless card which by process of elimination, is probably the faulty item.
Even if the router turns out to be faulty but not the laptop wireless card, the USB wireless adapter could still be useful should you move the existing desktop elsewhere, due to a new replacement desktop.

Alternatively, if you know someone who has a laptop which has wireless working, that could be used to connect to your router to prove whether it works wirelessly or not.

As you can get a router bundled with a wireless adapter, there's probably little value in getting them separately though.

Hope my thoughts have been of some help.

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