Any IT answer people here?Need some help

  dcarr 00:21 06 May 2003

My servers are acting screwy at work. Have 2 small compaq running novel groupwise 5 (sucks) waiting for win 2000pro. One server keeps disconnecting from the other. I can usually reboot and get them up and running. but today, servers working ok, yet half my users off. Checked cables, router and hubs, all seem to be operational. I think my next step is to check each individual wire connection to see if theres' a connectivity problems. The half off, are all on the same side of the building, so I think it would be the wire connecting the backbone. Any ideas, thoughts or where to go's?
Usually I'm running smooth, but today too many snags and the end of the year we need access.
Could Novel be the prob? Our licenses are expired and we didn't reup, waiting for 2000. I'll install 2000 now, if that may solve the issue. any help is greatly appreciated.

  Murray 00:41 06 May 2003

lets check the simple problems first - are all cables connected and tested fully.

I imaging that putting win2000 my take a while and 'potentially' put them out of action for a while - so try and eliminate other problems 1st.

  muscic lover 01:23 06 May 2003

Have you checked for virus' or worms or such like?

  dcarr 04:27 06 May 2003

Murray: At fast glance, all cables, routers, and hubs are working correctly. I still need to check individual cables/hookups. It seems strange, all at the same time, to lose 6 of 18 linkups. But I wasn't able to fully test everything yet. Since the lincense expired, I just wondered whether that would be causing the misconnections:
MusicLover: Yes the system has been thoroughly checked for all. Thanks for the help.
I will repost whatever more I find out, during NY day tomorrow. Please add whatever else you or anyone can think of.

  vinnyT 11:22 06 May 2003

Like u say, it sounds like a connection problem, but has any body mucked around with your firewall settings and praps denied that half access by mistake?

  eccomputers 13:35 06 May 2003

If I remember correctly, doesnt novell have the ability to say what hours during the day people are allowed to log in? Is the clock on the server set correctly?

  dcarr 22:55 06 May 2003

Thanks for all your advice Sorted out my connection problems this am..Was able to trace back and isolate the problem to one misconnected hub. Once I reset the cables and recycled the hub everything went smooth. Now to find out who's been messin with my cables!!! .
Thanks again everyone

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