Any Incredimail experts out there?

  cocteau48 21:09 06 Aug 2010

A neighbour of mine uses Incredimail and a few weeks ago she got a pop-up advising of a program update.

The program updated OK but completely cleared all her desktop icons.

As I know nothing about the program I ran system restore to the previous day and restored the status quo but she is now getting a constant reminder to update the program.

Given a free hand I would just remove Incredimail- but she likes it - so has anyone got any idea as to why the desktop icons were removed or how to stop the reminder pop-up?

  birdface 22:14 06 Aug 2010

Not sure Incredimail can be trusted at the moment especially with their latest updates.
My Anti-malware program keeps quarantining some of Incredimail programs saying they are trojans.
Probably false positives but it has put me off a bit from using it.

  Sea Urchin 22:25 06 Aug 2010

I seem to remember that Technotiger is an expert on Incredimail - perhaps he will look in sometime?

  birdface 22:56 06 Aug 2010

This from the other thread.

click here

Like Sea Urchin says Technotiger knows more about Incredimail than most others.
just a matter of waiting till he comes on.

I suppose you could delete Incredimail then install it again.
Install it to my documents or anywhere else that you will remember without running it.
Then scan it with your security programs and if nothing found install it again.
See if that makes any difference.

  cocteau48 23:03 06 Aug 2010

Thanks buteman -I'll go and see her tomorrow and see what I can sort out.
When her McAfee ran out I installed MSE for her and so far as I know she is getting no adverse warnings about Incredimail.

  birdface 08:25 07 Aug 2010

Maybe try Malwarebytes free.
It was my Emisoft Anti Malware that was picking it up that usually throws up a few false positives but would fix them with the next update.
Just a bit worried that Incredimail is not as clean as it used to be.
I have started using Windows Live Mail as my default web mail handler just now and get on all right with that.

  birdface 08:49 07 Aug 2010

Just reinstalled Incredimail doing it the way I said and found no problems.
I did find the problem that I was having as it also puts an Icon on desktop for speed up your computer.
And I think this is the one that Emisoft was picking out.
It is actually for 10 bit registry cleaner or something like that I just right clicked it and then properties copied the address did a search for it and deleted it.
There were no warnings from Emisoft this time so I assume it must have been a false positive the first time.
So far it looks Ok.

  cocteau48 09:42 08 Aug 2010

Had a look at my neighbours setup last night:

Had a general clean-up (CCleaner and Glary Utilities) finding very little to actually clean.
(she is not big on surfing - using her machine predominantly for internet banking and email)

No defrag recommended.

Upgraded IE7 to IE8

Installed the new Incredimail 2

All went without a hitch until I opened the new Incredimail 2 program to discover that all her existing emails were displaying in code rather than text.

I had created a restore point immediately prior to installing the Incredimail prog so I just went back to that (it was too late to start investigating the nuts and bolts of Incredimail)

Any ideas as to why the emails are displaying in code in the new version when the previous version worked OK. I do see from their forum that many are not happy with the new version but I cannot find a reference to this particular problem.

  birdface 09:52 08 Aug 2010

No problem with the new version here using W/7.
I know technotiger does not like the new versions and uses an older version.
He usually knows most about incredimail so maybe best waiting for him to appear.

  birdface 10:45 08 Aug 2010

I know you can save mail and contacts but not sure how you do it.
If you can do that you could download Revo Uninstaller and remove incredimail completely.
Then just do a search to make sure nothing is left then try a reinstall.
I must admit I have always used Incredimail but not sure why they download programs like the 10 bit registry cleaner Icon when it is absolutely nothing to do with Incredimail itself.
I still use it but now have Windows Live Mail as my default.

  Paddylad 19:16 08 Aug 2010

I've Got Win XP Pro SP3, with IE8.I downloaded the new version of Incredimail earlier this week and have had no problems at all. I saved it firstly to my downloads file prior to installing it on my desktop. I then went to my Comms folder and deleted the old version icons and then dragged the new version to the Comms file. I haven't a clue if what I did was necessary but I've had no problems with it.

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