Any idea how?

  Dorkins 07:39 02 May 2008

I have an HP2400 flatbed scanner and would like to convert 35mm slides to put as photo's on my computer. Thanks

  ICF 08:18 02 May 2008

You need a special scanner with a back light and a mounting frame to scan slides like click here

  Pineman100 11:56 06 May 2008

Have you got a digital camera? If so, you don't need to buy a slide scanner.

I've made a rough-and-ready gizmo to take digital photos of my old slides. It consists of a piece of 110mm plastic drainage pipe and a bodged slide holder made out of black cardboard.

Tape the slide holder to one end of the pipe with black tape - make sure your fixing is lightproof. Bodge some sort of fairly lightproof device at the other end, through which you poke the lense of your camera. Mine consists of black cardboard with a hole surrounded by a ring of draughtproofing strip, just bigger than the lense.

Obviously you need to experiment with the length of the pipe to fill your camera's frame as much as possible with the slide image, so as not to waste data.

Point your tube at a bright, flat light source - a halogen bulb behind a couple of layers of tracing paper is good, but anything will do, so long as the light is flat and even (ie: you can't make out the filament and there's no fall-off of light) and just take a digital photo of the slide.

It works - honest!

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