Any help please

  apollogeemark 19:31 31 Aug 2004


I just wondered if anyone has a old copy of win98.
I need to get a OS for my local charity.

If anyone could spare a copy it would really help out.


  stalion 21:29 31 Aug 2004


  pj123 21:51 31 Aug 2004

I am sure you don't mean "a copy of windows 98"

I have an original CD of Windows 98 you can have. But please note this is Windows 98 not Windows 98SE.

email me if you want it and I will post it to you.

  stalion 22:27 31 Aug 2004

don't forget the email is problematic at the moment or is it sorted

  Eargasm 23:10 31 Aug 2004

I am now on xp home and have an old version of 98se,if you want it i will post it to you.

pj123 i thought you diden't read threads with just "help please"in the title click here :-)))

  pj123 23:24 31 Aug 2004

Eargasm, True, but if you read the thread all the way through you will see that I did say "I accept all the criticism's on this thread and I promise I will now look at threads that just say "Help" in the future. Is that OK?"

stalion, As far as I know it is sorted. The envelope stays. So give it a try.

  Eargasm 23:40 31 Aug 2004

Just pulling your leg mate,no offence meant,by the way how did you get on with the epson r300 printer competition?

  pj123 19:23 01 Sep 2004

Eargasm, no offence taken. r300? well I haven't got it yet so obviously no go. I have now bought an r200, brilliant.

  apollogeemark 23:01 01 Sep 2004

Hi Eargasam.

I got a email but im not sure if its from you.

Its from adam.
Yes i would like to take your offer.

  apollogeemark 19:04 18 Sep 2004

Anyone help out please

I have an old UPGRADE version if that is of any use.

To use it you would need an earlier version of Windows, 3.1 or 95 either on the computer or else available during the update sequence.

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