Any help on monitors please

  bumpkin 14:26 26 Mar 2014

Hi all, I have an LG W2234S monitor which is normally in constant use. The screen will go blank after 30mins as this is how I have the screen saver set. Today when I move the mouse it stays blank instead of showing the display but the LED is lit so it has power. Tried another cable, still blank. Another monitor works OK. I would think that it has failed but has anyone any suggestions before I write it off.

  BRYNIT 15:47 26 Mar 2014

You could try it on another computer but as you have already tried other cables and another monitor works it's likely a fault with the monitor.

  bumpkin 16:17 26 Mar 2014

Thanks, i have tried it on another PC and still blank so not looking good. How do you open these things, no screws anywhere, do they prise open I have never had a problem with one in the past.

  bumpkin 17:09 26 Mar 2014

Thanks Jock1e, a lot of info there. The fact that the blue LED flashes as opposed to being permanently lit makes me think that it may be stuck in power saving mode as reported by many others from the comments in your link.

  BRYNIT 17:37 26 Mar 2014

This how you attempt to take a LG W2234S monitor apart CLICK HERE

  bumpkin 18:39 26 Mar 2014

Thanks BRYNIT, that is the sort of thing that I would have a go at on the basis that it is no use as it is anyway. I will hold fire for now in case anyone can come up with any other easier suggestions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:04 26 Mar 2014

Disconnect all monitor cables

Unplug from mains short across live pin on plug to earth (leave for 30 seconds)

press and hold power button for 30 seconds

plug back into mains and switch on

without the monitor cable plugged into PC you should get a no signal messsage.

reconnect mointor cable and retry.

  bumpkin 20:21 26 Mar 2014

Thanks Fruit Bat, tried it a few times but no joy. The power LED is flashing so there is power but the power button does nothing at all. ie it won't even switch off the LED.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:49 26 Mar 2014

How is it connected vga cable?

can you connect with HDMI?

  bumpkin 21:20 26 Mar 2014

Fruit Bat, it does not have HDMI connector only 2 VGA and mains.

  bumpkin 14:47 27 Mar 2014

Hi again, to my surprise it was very easy to take apart. I don't like the look of the main circuit board however, 4 slightly bulging capacitors and some brownish heat marks by 2 resistors. I don't think that I will attempt a repair of it, maybe try and find a new board but probably not worth the time and trouble, just my reluctance to throw things away that may be fixable. I'll tick the thread anyway and thanks to Jock1e for the mine of information from the link and all others for their input.

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