Any good program to encrypt my HTML code?

  jordi2 17:07 06 Jun 2003

I believe that by encrypting my HTML code I will put it harder to hackers to get access to my page.
Anyone knows a good program for that? If it was freeware it would be marvellous


  MartinT-B 17:15 06 Jun 2003



If it's encrypted, how is your Webhost going to read it in order to put it up on the net?

Getting access to your source code is not the issue. It's being able to change it on your host.

That should be password protected - make sure its a long one involving letters and numbers, not your wife's maiden name, or the name of your daughters rabbit.

  jordi2 17:32 06 Jun 2003

I know it exists, I don't know how it works, and about the password thing, it may be long and secure but there 1000 ways more of getting in your website without using your password.

  Confab 18:16 06 Jun 2003

I'm not being rude here but unless you've re-invented the wheel with your HTML code then no-one is really going to be interested in it.

By the way if you have re-invented the wheel then let me know I'm sure I can find some investors who would be interested.


  jordi2 12:43 09 Jun 2003

Well here it is a link to a program that says it encrypts HTML.

click here

If I am right I hope you will apologize.

  Sir Radfordin™ 13:04 09 Jun 2003

At a quick glance (sites not very user friendly) I'd say this is just an application that will encrypt a file for you to send. It will encrypt HTML code but only in to a file that someone will have to read. You can't use it to stop people looking at the source code of your website. And quite frankly I can't see why you would want to. HTML is a langauge, if the text is visable to a user then the code isn't going to give them much more than that.

  Pesala 13:08 09 Jun 2003

Source code below: I don't think anything is encrypted. Maybe this idea is meant just to encrypt HTML email. I don't really know, but if the html code was encrypted, browsers would not be able to decipher it.

<p><!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan --><script language="JavaScript">
dCol='FFFFFF';//date colour.
fCol='FFFFFF';//face colour.
sCol='FFFFFF';//seconds colour.
mCol='FFFFFF';//minutes colour.
hCol='FFFFFF';//hours colour.

//Alter nothing below! Alignments will be lost!

date=new Date();
if (year < 2000) year=year+1900;
TodaysDate=" "+d[date.getDay()]+" "+day+" "+m[date.getMonth()]+" "+year;

etc., etc.

  slowhand_1000 17:04 09 Jun 2003

you could try here

click here

  Pesala 17:44 09 Jun 2003

There you go jordi2. You're not so daft as we thought. It looks like it might be a deterent, especially on something as attractive as that Javascript clock.

  slowhand_1000 19:40 09 Jun 2003

the previous link does not do the job, here's another

click here

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