Any free FTP program?

  Revi 20:33 19 Sep 2005

Are there any free FTP programs available for download?

  PurplePenny 20:43 19 Sep 2005

Filezilla is open source therefore free:

click here

  Revi 20:51 19 Sep 2005

Thanks. May I ask you if you have used it and found it good?

  PurplePenny 20:53 19 Sep 2005

I have never used it but I recommended it to a friend who has found it very easy to use.

  Revi 20:55 19 Sep 2005

Thanks, will try using it.

  Revi 21:06 19 Sep 2005

I would also like to download WS_FTP or CuteFTP. Any one knows how?

  Revi 21:16 19 Sep 2005

Regret my foolishness, I see that both can be bought for a reasonable price!

  Forum Editor 21:18 19 Sep 2005

of WSFTP if you
click here

  Revi 22:13 19 Sep 2005

I too came upon that, thanks for the help any way!

  sharkfin 22:29 19 Sep 2005

SmartFTP click here

  Taran 03:34 20 Sep 2005

Just a word of warning. I know you use FrontPage a lot. If you upload to a web server using a third party FTP program you can kill the FrontPage Server Extensions stone dead.

The best policy with FrontPage is to do all of your design and publishing work from within the program. The moment you get involved with FTP software you can wreck the server extensions which will have to be reinstalled at best, or the entire web root folder permissions re-set at worst.

Just thought I'd warn you.


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