Any Ebayers, unable to leave feedback?

  bumpkin 19:17 02 Feb 2012

Hello, I use Ebay quite a lot to buy stuff. Part of the idea is that one leaves feedback for others to see. When I click on the "send feedback" Nothing happens, any suggestions? tried the "contact us" link but the same thing nothing.


  Ibanez2010 20:56 02 Feb 2012

Delete all cookies relating to ebay then try again.

  muddypaws 21:06 02 Feb 2012

Stop Adblock Plus temporarily--if you have it

  spuds 01:21 03 Feb 2012

I have been using eBay today, and all was working fine.

I mentioned to eBay when they did the new website format, that the feedback link had been removed from the top of the page, as were other handy items. Its now at the side, and there are two links that you can choose. I find the bottom link the best for feedbacks.

  bumpkin 18:59 03 Feb 2012

Hi everyone and thanks for your input. When I click "send feed back" nothing happens. Simple as that. I can do this easily(send the same feedback) on another computer with no problems which is what I have done. Tried system restore and run ccleaner still cant do it!!!


  bumpkin 19:05 03 Feb 2012

OK, I can do the feedback on another PC. That is no the point, I may not have had another Pc. There is something fundamentally wrong here.


  johnnyrocker 19:44 03 Feb 2012

have you checked it is not being blocked by your firewall?


  bumpkin 20:59 03 Feb 2012

Hi I have not checked, why would it be? but I will check thanks. I have tried a restore to a month ago to no avail. As I say I can do this easily on another machine but that is not the point. Problem must be with this PC.


  Ibanez2010 21:23 03 Feb 2012

Have you tried deleting cookies yet...? Also you haven't told us which browser you are using. If Explorer you can try resetting your privacy and security settings to default.

  bumpkin 21:41 03 Feb 2012

Hi, I am using Firefox, I thought ccleaner would clear the cookies if not can you tell me how to do this please.


  Woolwell 21:55 03 Feb 2012

Try clearing your browser cache - Tools - Clear Recent History -in the dropdown box chose everything and then make sure that only cache is checked. If cookies is checked then all log on details will go.

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