Any delphi guru's wish to help me? newbie....

  Gaz 25 14:59 19 Aug 2005


Ok down to business, basically, I need a program that will end a few processes, remove some files and registry entries, with a progress indicator and a start button and completed/exit button...

So, basically your a presented with form1 onload, with a start remove button, then that closes form1 and opens form2 > I need it to find and stop cirtain processes, for example the ones that relate to the application I wish to remove. This must be able to have defined process endtask, because I dont want it ending system tasks by mistake, so I'd like a more c:\myfiles\myprocess.exe endtask for example.

if I define it to find c:\myfile\deletethis.exe and c:\myexes\anotherfile.exe and any number of files I wish to define, so it needs to be simple like

All files I wish to find go here

(thats just an example of how I would like it to operate, not actual code, I'm new to delphi you see.)

and delete.

While, also, it will remove a few defined registry entries, same way as removing files. Easy so I can add any entires to this.
Form2, which will have a progress indicator if possible to show progress, if possible, also show action that is being carried out.

When completed I wish to have form 2 closed another form3 displayed with Completed on, and an exit button.

Is this possible and can anyone help me? It's pretty urgent, as yet I dont have a way of uninstalling. I'm sure this application is [pretty simple for you guys. I havent started it yet so if anyone can post code that would be very, very, kind of you.

Thanks in advance.

PS. I've also posted this on programmersheaven too.

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