Any Computer Musicians on here?

  Green 1 02:07 02 May 2008

I have an Alesis Quadraverb GT and wish to put some patches I bought, I have put a Sysex dump tool on my computer and have a MIDI adapter yet when I import the patches to the Sysex and then try to dump them to my Quad they do not go, I am at a loss and not very techie with these things but have followed the instructions given to me, please can any body help me to get these patches onto my Quadraverb. Many thanks for any help you can give me.

  Technotiger 08:06 02 May 2008

Hi, if you sign-in to Alesis Chat you might have more success. I am not a musician of any sort, so can't personally help you.

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  brundle 13:15 02 May 2008

What format are the patches in? On what medium, or just downloaded?

  Green 1 02:05 03 May 2008

Many thanks for the replies, I went to the Alesis forum and they seem to be outdated a bit.
Brundle, I am not sure what the format of the patches is, they were emailed to me and the one that updates the Quadraverb just has GT and a number after it, the patches change the sounds on the Quad but as I say they just won`t go from my computer to the Quad, my MIDI lights up but the light that says it is dumping the patch does not, the MIDI is brand new and my computer is only about a year old, I`m on XP, SP2, I am at a loss as to what to do, anyway, many thanks for your replies but if you think of any way to help me I would be grateful.

  brundle 15:19 03 May 2008

What Sys-Ex program are you using - does it accept SysEx transfers from the Quadraverb, and can you send those back without errors? From looking at a few sites related to the quad, the files ought to end .ssx, single `patches` should be 156 bytes each.

  Green 1 01:09 04 May 2008

Hi all, First< I did check to make sure that the cables were in the right way round,"out to in" the programme I am using is from "" their dump tool, as for the end of the files, when they came onto my computer via email, 15 were pdf docs and the main programme just had GT and six numbers after it and syx file, I never opened it I just dragged it from the email and imported it to the dump tool, from the buffer in the dump tool I took it that the patch had gone to it ok. I pressed send and it said that it had been sent but it had not gone. I do thank you for the time and trouble you have all gone to to help me and can only hope that you can help me further, once again, many thanks, Brian.

  Acx 10:31 04 May 2008

Is your Alesis Quadraverb GT set to receive Sys-Ex Files?

Do you still have the Manual?

Like the others I don't have a Alesis Quadraverb GT. So its a shot in the Dark.

  Green 1 00:47 06 May 2008

Hi Acx, Yes it is set to receive Sys-ex files, the man who sent them to me told me what to do as regards the Quadraverb, I have sent him an email but as yet he has not answered, perhaps he has washed his hands of me? but many thanks for your trouble in trying to give me an answere, I do hope there are others on here who can help me, once again many thanks for the help, Brian.

  brundle 10:46 06 May 2008

Extract the files to a folder then load them into the sys-ex editor. Does your sysex program accept SysEx transfers from the Quadraverb, and can you send those back without errors?

  Green 1 15:41 06 May 2008

Hi Brundle, I am using the "Stec software sysex dump tool" this was recommended to me from Charlie Hall who sent me the patch which is "Echoes from the Past" I have it in an email and have just opened it from there, have I been doing wrong? I`m not too techie so please forgive my ignorance about computers, many thanks for you reply and your help I am very grateful, Brian.

  brundle 15:48 06 May 2008

That's the first tool I found with a Google too. To check if the files are in the right format, load a patch into the software, then look at the buffer (press the View Data button).

The first 7 digits must be F0 00 00 0E 02 02 64 (Sysex message, Alesis manufacturer code, product code). Is that the case?

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