Any Clever IT Guys Out There ?

  Ballie 09:42 19 Feb 2003

I could do with some help with my cpu fsb speed set up.
I have just replaced my M/B and CPU in my pc, the spec is;

MSI MS-6712 KT4V mother board AMD Athlon XP 2100 (1.73ghz) CPU 768 mb of DDR pc2700 ram (333)

All is working well, but I am unsure what to set the CPU/FSB clock to (I have set it to 133mhz) and the CPU RATIO is set to auto and the SPEAD SPECTRUM is set to +/- 0.25%

I would like to know the correct CPU/FSB clock setting I should use for my Athlon xp 2100.

Also my mother board supports overclocking can anyone advise me what I could try to set the cpu fsb at to overclock my new cpu (ie how much can you overclock a XP 2100) and could you also advise me what to set the CPU RATIO and SPEAD SPECTRUM at. (and what is EMI ?)

The setting options on my M/B are;
SPEAD SPECTRUM, +/-0.25 +/-0.50 +/-0.75 and Disable.
CPU FSB, 100 to 280mhz
CPU RATIO, 7x 8x 9x 10x 12x 14x and Auto

Any help would be very much appreciated.

  goonerbill 10:30 19 Feb 2003

you have the fsb set correct (133mhz) and ram set at 166mhz.
not sure about the other settings as dont have your make of mobo.

overclocking is up to you. nobody can tell what the max overclock you can do, as it all depends on system and other factors. i have a 2000xp overclocked to 2200xp using easytune4 on gigabyte ga-7vax with pc2700 512mb ddr ram and good all copper heatsink and fan.

bewarned though, if anything goes wrong when overclocking you only have yourself to blame.

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