Any chance of some help from the experts

  mike0507 21:28 04 Aug 2008

Hi all, having just spent the last couple of hours reading the replies conjured up from the forum search, I still need some help.

I have a fujitsu siemens tower and it's giving me grief with regards to my monitor.

The monitor is telling me it's not receiving a signal.

I have the side off the tower as I type, on my laptop, and would appreciate any pointers.

Nothing has been altered and I've cleaned all the muck out.

One thing I have noticed is the fan cooling the motherboard was slightly stuck and may not have been cooling the motherboard as it should have been.

I've checked all the connections are sound.

Amongst many things it could be, is it likely to be the graphics card?

When I start up the pc, I tap del and I can see it's going to safe mode but the screen won't stay on. Any help will be appreciated.


  sunny staines 21:35 04 Aug 2008

a few idea's

pc overheating you mention the fan. leave the case side off and place a desk fan to blow into the computer if alls well you know your overheating replace fan.


take out graphics card and place back in its socket it may be loose.

other readers will come in with more ideas

  mike0507 21:49 04 Aug 2008

Side of case is off. Cooliing fan is running.

Checked graphics card and connections seem ok.

I can get control of the tower at start up but cannot do anything with it as the screen only flashes on for 1 sec.


  Technotiger 21:49 04 Aug 2008

Also remove and then replace the Cable from PC to Monitor, making sure of a good fit at each end.

  mike0507 21:52 04 Aug 2008

I'm checking the connections as I type.

I have aquired a second hand monitor, which I'm assured is fully working but I cannot prove this yet.

I have a vga port on the back of my laptop but when I plug the monitor in nothing happens. As a slight aside from my original problem, is there a way of proving the monitor using my laptop?

  Technotiger 22:02 04 Aug 2008
  Technotiger 22:04 04 Aug 2008
  skidzy 22:26 04 Aug 2008

"I have a vga port on the back of my laptop but when I plug the monitor in nothing happens"

As you have the vga port on the lappy,you now need to right click the laptop desktop screen and check for display options.
Normally you should see something like dual (lappy and monitor) or switch to monitor.

Check your heatsink and fan,if the heatsink fan is not working correctly your cpu will overheat and the bios will recognize this and shut the system down.

If you can post the motherboard make and model,we can check to see if it has onboard graphics.

Though this you could try yourself if you have a graphics card fitted and a spare graphics port.
Remove the graphics card (make sure the power is removed from the wall) and reboot the system,the bios should default to onboard graphics )if you have onboard graphics),sometimes though rarely you need to manually enable onboard graphics in the bios.

  mike0507 22:29 04 Aug 2008

Have connected my monitor to the laptop.

I'm switching between the two.

The external monitor only stays on for 1 sec, just like it does on the desktop.

I've tried looking for the properties bit to change the resolution but can't find it.

Sorry for being basic.

My day job is a brain surgeon ha ha!

  skidzy 22:35 04 Aug 2008

Are you saying both monitors seem faulty when tried through the laptop ?

  Eric10 22:35 04 Aug 2008

I am assuming an LCD monitor.
With the PC powered up or with your monitor connected to the laptop, if you switch the monitor off then switch it back on, do you get the screen back for 1 second each time you do this?
If the answer is "yes" then this is a classic symptom of a failed inverter in the monitor. The inverter is responsible for powering the back-light tubes for the screen which are needed to display the picture.

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