Any Broadband experts out there please?

  pj123 22:46 02 May 2003

I am on NTL BB at 600kb. I notice that when I start a download it starts off at around 76kb/sec but very soon drops to around 39kb/sec, then slowly goes up to about 44-45kb/sec and then stabilises.

Is that a good speed? I just downloaded a 12mb file and was done in about 7 minutes!

  PSF 22:51 02 May 2003

I have the same 600K modem. Downloads are usually an average of 72K. It should download approx 4 meg a minute.

Some sites can be slow and so you would not then get the full speed.

  PSF 22:54 02 May 2003

I have just run a test and I am getting:

546.5 kilobits per second

Your raw speed was 546494.65 bits per second which is the same as:


546.5 kilobits per second
How communication devices are rated. Kilo means 1,000 and mega means 1,000,000. Examples include 56k modem and 10Mbit Ethernet


66.7 kilobytes per second
The way data is measured on your hard drive and how file sharing and FTP programs measure transfer speeds. Kilo is 1,024 and mega is 1,048,576.

1MB file download

15.3 seconds
The time it would take you to download a 1 megabyte file at this speed.

Try it at: click here

  hugh-265156 22:57 02 May 2003

same as PSF ive seen my download speed drop to 5kb at times but usually get about 65kb-70kb which is spot on. speed test click here im getting

Fri, 2 May 2003 21:50:35 UTC
1st 128K took 1812 ms = 72336 Bytes/sec = approx 602 kbits/sec
2nd 128K took 2063 ms = 63535 Bytes/sec = approx 529 kbits/sec
3rd 128K took 1547 ms = 84727 Bytes/sec = approx 705 kbits/sec
4th 128K took 1828 ms = 71702 Bytes/sec = approx 597 kbits/sec

  hugh-265156 23:02 02 May 2003

some really good info on this site click here

  PSF 23:10 02 May 2003

I have just tried your test and my results are similar to yours.

The site I put the link to is an American site and so the lower result is not bad considering.

Fri, 2 May 2003 22:03:24 UTC
1st 128K took 1828 ms = 71702 Bytes/sec = approx 597 kbits/sec

2nd 128K took 1844 ms = 71080 Bytes/sec = approx 591 kbits/sec

3rd 128K took 1812 ms = 72336 Bytes/sec = approx 602 kbits/sec

4th 128K took 1875 ms = 69905 Bytes/sec = approx 582 kbits/sec

  pj123 23:24 02 May 2003

All very well Guys but I haven't got a cable modem. I am plugged into the back of my Digibox???

  hugh-265156 23:28 02 May 2003

should not make much of a difference.have you checked the simple speed test above and what are the results?

  PSF 23:30 02 May 2003

If you are on the 600K you should have similar speed to us approx 70k.

If you are were on the 128k your downloads would be approx 15K.

It might be an Idea to contact NTL if the problem persists.

I should not make any difference but are you using USB.

I am using a network card.

  hugh-265156 23:38 02 May 2003

might just be a simple case of turning up the juice a bit from the box at the end of your street.i had to have this done.

  hugh-265156 23:40 02 May 2003

if your using a nic you can allocate about for mb of memory to it using notepad and should speed things up a bit.

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