Any advice on upgrades!!!!!!

  TonyTT 14:16 02 Jan 2007


I want to upgrade my PC, I am having a little trouble running Medieval2 Total War how I want to(first time I have had this).


CPU: AMD 64 3500+ 2.20 GHz
Motherboard: ASUS A8V Deluxe, Bus Speed 200 MHz
Graphics Card: GeForce 6800 GT 256mb

I think another Gig of RAM, but unsure if this will just cause a bottleneck given the rest of the system (200 MHz Bus speed in particular). Any advice would be much appreciated. Budget £200.

  Technotiger 14:50 02 Jan 2007

Hi, you appear to have quite a good setup there already, but another Gb of RAM should be an improvement. I use 2Gb myself, made quite a difference on my setup.

  citadel 16:09 02 Jan 2007

i am playing medieval 2 with a 6800 and it plays ok. there are options in the game to lower shadows etc this will speed up play.forums at has good info. you should add another 1g of ram as modern games need it and you definity need it if you get vista.

  sannybear 17:40 02 Jan 2007

your set-up looks as good as many who are getting decent frame rates , yet some others with high-end systems are complaining too . As citadel says , shadows seem to be the killer .

I`m not an expert but I know there is a patch out already and another due soon - dunno if it affects lagging and poor frame rates tho . I assume all your drivers are up to date ? HTH .

  ulrich 18:13 02 Jan 2007

I have AMD 64 3200, 1GB RAM AND AN xfx 6800gs graphics card. I am using the 91.31 dvrs, I did try the latest dvrs but that really slowed everything up.

  TonyTT 21:27 02 Jan 2007


Thanks for all that.

ulrich, with regard to drivers I have been told to use the "if it ain't broke, don't change it" philosophy of updating drivers. Is there a noddy guide to hardware upgrades and driver updates that you know of?

Also, with regard to games how much of performance problems are due to the CPU/ motherboard and how much to RAM? How do you know which may be the problem?

  citadel 23:03 02 Jan 2007

if your graphics card is agp, you can get a 7800gs for about £185 or gainward bliss 7800gs with 512ram that is really a 7900 for 230 this is the best agp ever.

  Totally-braindead 01:16 03 Jan 2007

If you are a gamer it is worth considering trying the Omega drivers. Basically they are tweaked drivers and when you install them you are given the option of quality- that is everything on or performance- that is best setup for speed. click here they are a bit behind the present release of drivers but may be worth a look.

  TonyTT 08:27 04 Jan 2007

So given my system etc, which option would give the greatest system improvements, getting the graphic card or more RAM?

  Technotiger 08:40 04 Jan 2007

In my humble opinion ... more RAM.

  ardubbleyu 08:43 04 Jan 2007

Technotiger offers good advice - more RAM!

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