Any Advice for Making a Quiet PC?

  gplatt2000 17:38 03 Apr 2004

Hi all! I am thinking of soon building a Pc something along these lines:

Athlon Xp 2800+
512 MB DDR Ram
2x 80GB HD (Ive heard that Barraccudas are very quiet?)
DVD Drive
CD-RW drive

But as the computer will be in my bedroom and used for music/dvds etc I would like it to be as quiet as possibble. Any adive for achieving this? Any links would be much appreciated aswell. I'm not too keen on the idea of a water cooling system by the way.

One dilema I have is this - would it be better to have a few fans not working too hard, or just a cuople working hard? Any suggestions for fan set ups would be great.

Also, I am thinking of perhaps making a cupboard to go under my desk with the tower in it. And also putting some foam onto the insides of this to try and block out the sound. But I am woored that this could cause the system to get way too hot? Im thinking of perhaps a fan at the front of the cupboard suckinig air in, and one at the back pushing it out, along with some holes drilled into the top/back of the cupboard. Any opinions on this? What size fans would be most appropraite, and would it be easy to run these from the system's CPU?

Any other comment would be excellent, cheerrs

Thanks again, Gavin

  Indigo 1 18:34 03 Apr 2004

Yes more bigger fans running at lower speeds are better than fewer running faster, but don't take my word for it

click here read parts one and two first, there is more info on Freds site than anyone could ever need for quieting your PC.

  Indigo 1 18:40 03 Apr 2004

BTW you won't need the insulated cupboard if you follow Fred's advice, and it would make maintenance a pain too. I think it would probably restrict the airflow unless you have exactly the same number of fans (to move the same amount of air) as in your PC including those in the PSU, so you won't reduce the sound at all.

  fuzzyone 18:40 03 Apr 2004


This ( with 7 fans ) is having rave reviews at the moment, and coupled with a quiet Psu, would be hard to beat. click here

  hugh-265156 18:44 03 Apr 2004
  gplatt2000 19:03 03 Apr 2004

Thanks a lot for the help guys, im having a look at the links now. Any suggestions for a good PSU, i was thinking of this - click here psu, and this - click here or this - click here tower. Any comments? (note: there is more info plus better pics of that last case at click here)

Thanks again

  alan227 19:06 03 Apr 2004

Try a shuttle SG45, I have just built one and apart from start up it is very quiet.

  fuzzyone 19:13 03 Apr 2004

click here

The 431 Enermax, comes well recommended.

Try and find a case that accepts 120mm fans rather than 80mm fan's. The 120mm have higher air flow and run quieter

  Indigo 1 19:18 03 Apr 2004

click here check out their PSU's especially Zalman they really are quiet.

They also have some great silent cases but a bit pricey for my tastes.

If you really want quiet, you will not be satisfied with a PSU that is included with bagain case.

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