Any advice on Graphics cards appreciated....

  Mezzo 23:49 03 Feb 2003

My Dell Dimension 2350 came with an 'Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics Card'. I dont think this is quite the same as an 3D accelerated Graphics Card is it, such as NVidia Geforce 4 etc???

As a lot of pc games require 3D Acceleration, can anyone advise which 3D Graphics Card I should get?

Also, would a new one replace the current Intel one I have, and how easy are they to install (ie is it a PCWorld job and not DIY?!)?

Running XP Home with P4 2.5ghz and 512k RAM.

Thanks as always.


  Lú-tzé 08:33 04 Feb 2003

Depends on if you have an AGP slot or not - if you have then you will have a good choice. If not, then you will need a spare pci slot for a graphics card - not so powerful but still pretty good for gaming.

You will have to disable onboard graphics in your BIOS but look at your mobo details first.

  bobbyp 09:47 04 Feb 2003

I was debating whether to get a GeForce 4 MX440 (£48 including VAT and delivery) compared with a GeForce 4 Ti4200 (at around £100). I plumped for the MX440, with the thinking being that by the time I need to upgrade, and with new chipsets coming out the price of better cards would have come down significately.

I went from a TNT2 and I am well chuffed with the MX440. I can now play games on the 2nd highest res, (as opposed to the 2nd lowest with the TNT2) will all the options whacked up to full graphics and it runs like a goodun.

So I'd recommend the MX440. Also get the AGP version if you have the slot.

Hope this helps

  bobbyp 09:48 04 Feb 2003

Oh and they are very easy to install. Plug it in and install the drivers (which the PC basically does for you). Don't waste £25 getting PC world to install it. It took me less than 5 minutes to install and use mine

  moore_mat 10:05 04 Feb 2003

click here

Based on the link above - it looks as though you're out of luck for an AGP card. If you're happy to look yourself, whip the lid off your machine (Dells don't even need a screwdriver, normally) and have a look at the motherboard. If you have just white slots (looks like their should be 3) then you only have PCI. If there is a brown slot, above and slightly set back from the white ones, then you have AGP - but I'm willing to bet it isn't there...

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