Antivurus 2009...

  TonyV 19:17 31 Jan 2009

I have just received a call from a pal of mine who has been bitten and has Antivirus 2009 installed in his machine. He appears to be able to do very little with it and has asked if I can help him to get rid of it.

Having done a search, I came across this click here which gives a manual way of deleting the offending programme.

Will the manual way, even though it means going in to the bowels of the software, actually remove the beastie?

Or will he need to get the free copy of Superantispyware which will also apparently get rid of it. That, of course, pre-supposes that he can download it and install it.



  User-1229748 19:27 31 Jan 2009

definately i would run scans with sas and malwarebytesclick here

  User-1229748 19:28 31 Jan 2009

should have said run the scans before attempting to remove it manually

  rdave13 19:31 31 Jan 2009

As smackheadz but run both in safe mode to start with.

  oh 19:41 31 Jan 2009

From prev. experience of removing it,The first hurdle was actually being able to down load removal apps and secondly getting removal apps to run.
Ask him if poss to d/load malawarebytes to a memory stick from a diff machine.
Once downloaded try running malawarebytes from the memstick in safe mode.

  TonyV 19:54 31 Jan 2009

I have actually downloaded Superantispyware and Malware to a CD. I haven't got a memory stick big enough to accept them. Presumably, if I send the disk to him, he will be able to install it from there?

I have just spoken to him again and he tells me he is running XP SP2, and if my memory serves me right, it is not the easiest thing to start it in "safe mode" for someone who is not really computer literate. He has just completed a course at a local school to show him the fundamentals of computing and I think he has now got to the stage where he can switch it on and probably write a letter, but that aside, I doubt he can do much more!!



  TonyV 19:56 31 Jan 2009

Malwarebytes, in fact!

  TonyV 12:51 01 Feb 2009

To close this one out, I went to see my pal this morning to see if I could remove the problem. I tried all the business about starting in safe mode, but it wouldn't allow me to install the programmes listed above. I then went in and removed as many of the files shown in the manual removal, again, listed above. I then went in to regedit and cleaned the elements out that could be found.

This seemed to do the trick, but after about five minutes of being on the internet, it came back again. I closed down, and tried again to install Superantispyware. This time it went in with no hiccups. Did the scan and it found the rogue programme, at least just one element. This it cleared and the machine appears to be working OK. Mission accomplished.
Thanks for your advice.


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