Antivirus software.... which one?

  Template 14:44 21 Nov 2005

I currently have Norton Internet Security and Norton Anti-Virus installed but last weekend it allowed a trojan to enter my pc.. how did I know? Norton gave me a warning box but also said it didn't have a repair.
Having taken almost all weekend with the help of a very patient friend and probably a horrendous telephone bill.... I think it has now been deleted.
And yes..... I have auto updates and also regularly run live updates to make sure it it as up to date as possible.

I am now going to replace this version of Norton 2005... but with what?

Any help would be appreciated folks...

  sharkfin 14:48 21 Nov 2005

AVG (Free): click here

AVAST (Free): click here

or if you want to pay for one, I'd recommend PC-cillin: click here

I use AVG for about a month now and it has been fine.

  ventanas 14:57 21 Nov 2005

The best AntiVirus software available bar none is click here It has outscored all the others for years on Virus Bulletin. Not free, but still half the price of Norton, which is far inferior.

  Sirpad 16:05 21 Nov 2005

I totally agree with ventanas...the AV he is talking about is called NOD32. I'd skip the trial version and but it outright and make sure you completely uninstall Norton.

  Sirpad 16:06 21 Nov 2005

Oops...I meant BUY it outright.

  keef66 16:29 21 Nov 2005

Switched to AVG free a year ago when McAfee started wanting cash for updates. It immediately found some stuff McAfee had missed, and periodically identifies and fixes new incoming threats. You get a lovely ogre type picture appearing on screen when it identifies a nasty. Auto updates happen frequently and I think it's effective; the pc is running splendidly, but how do you know for sure?

  Template 17:40 21 Nov 2005

Thanks for the very prompt responses folks.... I really do appreciate it.

In answer to keef66, I guess you can never really be sure but I think it's more about what you are confident with using and unfortunately I lost that with Norton. The only real answer would be to use them all..... and watch the conflicts :o)

Thanks again for the help.

  palinka 18:26 22 Nov 2005

This Forum has long been fairly evenly divided between the Avast fans and the AVG fans.
I use AVG and hve no hesitation in recommending it. I did try avast at one time, but I just couldn't get on with it - it wasn't easy to understand and I hated the look of it; so I went back to AVG.
I used Norton for the first 3 months of a new computer (it came with Norton installed), but never wanted to return rto it. You will find either AVG or Avast superior to Norton and much more in your control.

  ade.h 18:37 22 Nov 2005

NOD32 for me. Eset's response times are matched only by F-Secure, and the heuristic scanning is the best of its kind. Some AVs don't even bother with heuristics, so as soon as an unknown virus comes along, they are at risk.

http//:click here for an interesting site, and look for PC Pro's lab test next month. It's going to examine things like response time, update handling, heuristics, ability to scan for low-level rootkits and ADSs and resistence to malware attack.

  SB23 10:18 21 Dec 2005

Got rid of Norton for the exact same reason last year.(Took me 3 days to clear mess) Tried Mcafee,ok but started asking for money.Now running Avast and Zonealarm,free for home use,absolutely brilliant.
click here
click here

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