Antivirus Question

  BigMan24 17:05 18 Jan 2005

Hi folks,

I've got Norton Systmeworks on my computer. Its Systemworks 2003. Its got quite a lot of features on it, but the only thing I use it for is the virus scanner. I use liveupdate quite regurarly to make sure I've got all the definitions.

I was wondering what the difference is between, say my Norton with up to date definitions and say Norton Systemworks 2005 (I don't know if this exists - but i'm just comparing it coz its a more recent edition)?


  Teaboy 17:09 18 Jan 2005

May i suggest you visit Norton site, and see if there is anything there to help you?

  Sonic21 17:15 18 Jan 2005

There will be diffrences in the action program although your updating your addition a newer version will have a diffrent search engine as i understand it and possibly new features such as anti spam or better pop up blockers etc

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