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  Phoenix40 17:46 17 Sep 2008

Hello i wonder if someone can help me over this strange action with my antiviruses. I bought a new computer with vistas installed several months back. I installed several games with no problems. I then setup AVG and everything seemed alright. I then downloaded a no cd exe file onto a game with no problems for several months. Then a few weeks back i kept getting an alarm threat from my AVG saying there was a trojan threat from the no cd exe file i downloaded for the game. Then today it happened with another game which ive installed for several months. Saying the editor file was infected with a trojan file as well. I then installed Avira and got the same results with the first game, not the second. I then installed Avast and so far nothings happened. I read on some game forums that some antiviruses mistakenly pick up files as viruses. The threats i had said they were a low threat. I tried to ignore them but they keep popping up every so often. So what should i do? Can i do anything with these antiviruses to stop it? Can i ignore it? I did send an email to AVG about the first problem but i got no reply. Hope someone can help if this problem has happened before, thank you.

  mfletch 18:10 17 Sep 2008


If avg is picking up false alarms you can report them to avg and they will scan and if clean update there detection to ignore them in future scans

To solve the problem, please send us this file for analysis directly from the AVG program this way:

Open AVG User Interface.
Choose the "Virus Vault" option from the "History" menu.
Select the false positive file (one click) and click on the "Send to analysis" button.
Fill in your e-mail address
Confirm the dialog

  Phoenix40 18:30 17 Sep 2008

Hello thank you for your reply. So you want me to fill in the AVG query form and send it to you instead, is that right? Ive never done this before. I will have to reinstall my AVG first.Let me know soon thanks.

  mfletch 18:33 17 Sep 2008

You send it to AVG using the "Send to analysis" button.

They will email you with the results and if they are clean they will be excluded from future scans

  Phoenix40 19:24 17 Sep 2008

Hello thanks for your reply. But as i stated in the initial post i have already done that, when it first happened and they never got back to me. Do you want me to give you the details what the trojan virus is called? Let me know thanks.

  mfletch 19:33 17 Sep 2008

Yes you can post the details here

  Phoenix40 20:44 17 Sep 2008

Hello i will give you the full details and source where i got the file from. I got the file from Gamecopy World site. The game is Superpower 2 patch 1.4 int version. The no cd file which is an internet connect file is called joshua exe. The AVG which ive just reinstalled has picked it up as a ( trojan horse generic 11.GGQ ). Someone else on the game forum picked it up again with AVG with a free game disk in a magazine as well.So far ive had no problems with the other game yet. But if a alarm shows up i will send the details to you. I tried again to send the details through to AVG but i couldnt connect to them. I have had to put the files into the vault as the AVG wont let me start the game. The original exe file with the game is fine but doesnt always work because of the starforce protection on the game with vistas. Hope this wil help thanks.

One final thing about AVG, and someone else i play against has the same problem with incoming emails being scanned. Some of the attachments go missing for no reason and others come through. Have you heard of that? For now ive turned scan incoming mails off. Hope to hear from you soon.

  mfletch 13:59 18 Sep 2008

There is not much you can do until AVG say it is a false positive and exclude it from future scans

You can try and exclude it your self but not sure if it will work,

Please open the AVG Free program -> "Tools" menu -> "Advanced settings" -> "PUP exceptions" -> push the "Add exception" button to add a new exception.
Now find the file you want to except from AVG Free detection. If you are not sure that the file location is static, enable "Any location - do not use full path" function.
Save the setting using the "Add" button.

  brundle 14:01 18 Sep 2008

Upload suspect files to Virustotal for scanning by a number of AV engines; click here

  Phoenix40 22:50 18 Sep 2008

Hello thank you for your replies. But for now i got rid of the no cd file in the end. When i found a patch for the game that can overide the starforce protection on my vistas. The other game i found the file to do with the editor of the game seem infected and as i dont use it i deleted it for now. I have put the virustotal on my favourites for future use. I was wondering is it possible for viruses to come through the web and infect a file on your system without you knowing it? Also if you do an antivirus scan every so often is it best to do the whole main drive? Hope to hear from someone thanks.

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