antivirus advise. which is the best...avg or pand

  JiM-BoB27 17:34 21 Jul 2004

could someone please tell me which anti-virus package i should use. i have had "panda titanium antivirus 2004" free with my PC, which I have recently purchased. However I have been told by a friend to forget that, and use AVG 6.0. instead. Which is the best? I am pretty new to all this and need some advise. I am also running Spy-bot search and destroy, ad-aware, and spyware blaster. Am I well protected and is there anything else I should consider? Many thanks for any advise. Cheers. JiM-BoB

  GaT7 17:42 21 Jul 2004

You could use E-Trust EZ Armor which also has a firewall component, is free for a year & received a good review here - click here. [Also see click here.] HTH : ) G

  GaT7 17:46 21 Jul 2004

Sorry, I misread your post a little.

I would go with Panda especially if it came free with your PC & doesn't require you to pay anything for at least ONE year. Otherwise, AVG or EZ Armor (I mentioned initially) are adequate as well. G

  alan227 18:09 21 Jul 2004

I use AVg and have done for several years, i have never had a problem with it and it casts nothing.
As far as the other programmes you mentioned i use Spybot S&D, Adaware & a2 squared so you will have plenty of protection with the programmes you mentioned, just make sure you update them regularly

  jonnytub 18:26 21 Jul 2004

having run both programmes i've found avg to be the better at detection and panda better at removal. also panda tends to bug you more with consent pop up boxes even in learning mode whereas avg runs quietly in the background using a tiny amount of sys resources. my opinion and pennies worth ;-)

  Dan the Confused 19:11 21 Jul 2004

Personal preference. Give both a try and see which you like best.

  spuds 19:14 21 Jul 2004

You have the well tried and recommended spyware programmes on your computer, and I would suggest that your install AVG. What firewall do you have, if none then I would suggest ZoneAlarm. All are easy downloads and are free to use, and above all, that combination should see you very safe.

  g0nvs 19:18 21 Jul 2004

Have used AVG for years, never had a virus. That about says it all.

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