Antivirus 2008 pro removal

  shanklyn 23:00 30 Jun 2008

Can anyone help me get rid of this horrible programme. It seems I picked it up from downloading a torrent.

Now I fake reports about trojans etc and then asking for money.

I'm running Vista if that helps, thanks in advance.

  Mac70 23:05 30 Jun 2008

click here

Save that to your Desktop. Then double-click FixIEDef.exe and press OK on the "FixIEDef is running as administrator"

FixIEDef will kill all copies of [b]Internet Explorer and Explorer that are running. The icons and Start Menu on your Desktop will not be visible while FixIEDef is running. This is necessary to remove parts of the infection that would otherwise not be removed. FixIEDef will re-start Explorer at the end of the removal process

  woodchip 23:05 30 Jun 2008

First have a look to see if it as put anything in MSCONFIG. type the above in Run box then go to startup tab, remove the tick if you see it there and write it down just as it is in the box you untick

i have just been reading about this, seems it changes pretty much daily click here
can try the following click here
have never had any dealing or information from this site im afraid.

my god you guys are quick!

  woodchip 23:07 30 Jun 2008

From a one fingered none speller

damn! and i use 2.

  Mac70 23:09 30 Jun 2008

hee-hee I used a canned speech.

  shanklyn 23:36 30 Jun 2008

Wow thanks for the replys, especially mac70 as it seems to have done the trick.

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