keiththebeast 23:19 12 Sep 2006

hi everyone well ive been using the net for over 7 yrs now & had my own pc for years & had various anti-viruses throughout the yrs avast/norton/avg/pc-cillin/f-prot & just 2 days ago got informed by some gadgey @ pc world to quote his words "get rid of everything & get antivir" so been a nuget i thought ok ive never heard of it but i will give it a try...omg never ever ever ever again good points its small doesnt hammer your cpu & thats about it..bad points its not safe & trying to get it to do a scan is something of a nightmare like "wheres the command to let you scan it.." & it battered my pc...i got backdoors/viruses/spyware just about everything it even made my game on a website that ive been using for over a year go mental it somehow affected "java" as it began to start flashing like a strobelight, it shut down my browsers & i thought i might have to format my pc back to "dos"...anyway i have never had such a surge in issues since installing this rubbish & to top it all @ first i sent a email to some freinds & 3 of them had similar issues & one of them had to format his pc & hes got a degree in "it".....not sure if anyone else has had this issue but i am going to email them to ask wat kinda "outfit" avira gmbh are running but iam not a happy chappie..let me know your thoughts ALSO does anyone know how to get rid of the remaining "DLL" files of thi so called antivirus as i am having a hard time removing them from the pc..thankx

  iambeavis 23:55 12 Sep 2006

The DLL files left in the instalation folder can be deleted whilst in safe mode - you can use 'unlocker' just to be certain - click here

  keiththebeast 00:07 13 Sep 2006

many many thankx m8..!! i did forget thats the way so many thanks for your reply & time
:-) kind regards

  wolfie3000 14:25 13 Sep 2006

Iv been using Antivir for years with no problems what so ever,

I have never had any bad infections from viruses in that time.

Sorry to hear you had trouble with it.

  keiththebeast 15:32 13 Sep 2006

Wolfie thankx for your reply m8 yeah i suppose the net & pc's are like that arnt they some things work & somethings dont work..whata queer world we live in @ first i thought it was my XP (os) but then found out it wasnt so anyway ive had a email from the company but it was in another language..???? but not to waoory ive got AVG now so we'll see how that goes..

  wolfie3000 22:03 13 Sep 2006

I guess it all depends on how a pc is set up,
Everyones pc is set up differently and i guess people have there favourite a/v,s and spyware blockers.

  Kate B 22:30 13 Sep 2006

I'm afraid I couldn't actually read your post, though I gather you've had problems with an antivirus package. Hope you've got it sorted out now.

  skidzy 23:08 13 Sep 2006

"I'm afraid I couldn't actually read your post"

Kate if its the size of the font that is the problem and not being in paragraphs,maybe try

ctrl + scrolling your wheel on your mouse,this will enlarge the text for you.

Apologies if you knew this

  Forum Editor 23:34 13 Sep 2006

I doubt it was the font. keiththebeast's post was very dfficult to read because it didn't contain a single comma or full-stop.

  Forum Editor 23:39 13 Sep 2006

has won many awards, and is used by millions of people - it hardly warrants the label "rubbish".

I think you need to examine your computer's configuration, or your surfing habits, or both, because I very much doubt that the symptoms you describe are all being caused by AntiVir.

  skidzy 23:41 13 Sep 2006

Doh :-O !!

No wonder i struggled to read it FE,and ive got good eyesight (or so i thought) Lol.

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