maltose 21:04 05 Feb 2007

I have been infected by "antivermin" I ran AVG antispware and deleted all four objects found. further scans found no infections. however, I still have the annoying little flsashing warning icon in the bottom right hand of my tool bar. this pops up with a warning that I should download protective spyware. how can I get rid of this blasted icon and am I now free of the spy are?

  howard64 21:15 05 Feb 2007

go to start - run - msconfig and top right hand tab - startup. Look for the antivermin in the list and take the tick out of the left hand box. Reboot and put a tick in the left hand box and it should be gone.

  maltose 21:25 05 Feb 2007

Thanks Howard, I cannot find the relevant file in the startup list - certainly no reference to antivermin. I have been into the toolbar "customise" and put the icon on "permanent hide" but that still leaves me nervous I want all the vestiges of this wretched spyware gone!

  maltose 15:30 06 Feb 2007

I think I will restate my problem.

  maltose 15:39 06 Feb 2007

I had a problem with "Antivermin". I have used AVG (spyware and virus detection) and Microsoft Defender. All three now tell me I am no longer threatened. I have used Regscrub and Ccleaner. However, I still have an annoying red circle, with a stripe across it, icon in the bottom right toolbar. This icon produces a balloon "Safety Alert" encouraging me to visit the dodgy antivermin website. I have made the icon "always hidden" (but this seems to have some exceptions on startup)in the toolbar customise but I really want to expel it totally. Startup Inspector does not reveal any obvious culprits in the startup programmes. Do you expertsd have any ideas?

  VoG II 15:41 06 Feb 2007
  Miros 16:03 06 Feb 2007

What no thank you?
I thought that was a great lead, having had that pain in the butt a couple of weeks ago myself, then having to get rid of it in a much more convoluted way.

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