Antispyware programs

  J B 14:45 25 Sep 2005

Hi all: don't know if anyone reads PC PRO, but, in the latest issue they rate several antispyware programs of which they rate Spyware Doctor as their lab's winner with six stars. Counterspy as recommended with five stars, and M$AS with four stars. Adaware, Spybot,and a few others come in with three stars or less. I have read some past threads on Spyware Doctor and they make for some interesting reading to say the least. I tried Spyware Doctor and found out that it didn't find anything more than a few tracking cookies and a false positive. Now, I might be with the current trend but I for one will stick M$AS, Adaware, Spyware blaster, and Spybot. Does anyone else have any comments that they would like to share on this subject? J.B.

  VoG II 14:46 25 Sep 2005

I agree with you entirely - I'm perfectly happy with M$AS, Adaware, Spyware blaster, and Spybot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 25 Sep 2005

No one program will catch everythng its the combination that matters and M$AS, Adaware, Spyware blaster, and Spybot work well together.

  bremner 15:19 25 Sep 2005

I use MSAS and then about one a month/six weeks I run Adaware and Spybot just to validate MSAS.

In the last six months MSAS has not missed a thing - it just does not report minor cookies as the others do.

For me continually running four antispyware is overkill and unnecessary - but it is of course each to their own.

  J B 15:56 25 Sep 2005

I'm not saying that running four programs continually is overkill. I use MSAS as primary with scheduled runs everyday and the others once a week as backup. Spyblaster is always engaged. The whole point of this thread was to show the different approaches different publications take.I personally wouldn't use Spyware Doctor after I tried it out. I will tell you though that it was a nightmare to remove,and once I did get rid of it I was a very happy chappie indead. J.B.

  bremner 16:03 25 Sep 2005

I never thought you did say it was overkill.

My personal view is that it is overkill - but that is clearly not the view of others.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:05 25 Sep 2005

I just use MS Antispy, AVG, a bit of common sense and have had no problems at all.


  J B 17:47 25 Sep 2005

Thank you all for the comments, and for once I'mgoing to stick with what I have now. Bremner, sorry I ruffled your feathers, but I think that if you run your main spyware program daily and the others as a backup ounce a week you are safe. So I guess I pretty much have the same view as you in a broad sense. J.B.

  JYPX 18:00 25 Sep 2005

It's not just PC Pro. I am just reading the group test in the current Personal Computer World. They recommend only 2 apps - out of 12 tested. Spyware Doctor - the free version, and Microsoft. My own favourite is Spysweeper but they give it a low rating due to poor clean-up performance!

  bremner 20:56 25 Sep 2005

"Bremner, sorry I ruffled your feathers" - nothing could be further fron the truth - there is nothing to be sorry for.

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