Antispy scan , what cookie to delete- or not.

  timothywilliam 17:10 19 Nov 2005

I have btYahoo AntiSpy. When I do a Scan I get about 30 cookies in a list which have an action recommending doing nothing. Leave them there says AntiSpy. I am not sure I want to but if I click to delete a Cookie I get a message saying deletions might mean some programmes will not run. I understand what these Cookies do but I am not comfortable with telling some organisation my computer habits. There is no way as far as I can see how one determines what can be deleted safely and what to leave, the names of these Cookies are meaningless. So any recommendations ?

  SB23 17:17 19 Nov 2005

I've always deleted cookies,with no problems,if they are needed,depending on your surfing habits,they just reinstall,that's been my understanding.I've had numerous problems,but never cookie related.I say delete.....sb23

  Kenneth-266656 17:31 19 Nov 2005

Agreed with SB23 - despite what others may say delete them. You will find that tracking cookies will just install themselves every time you log on. They are harmless but if you let them go they will tend to slow things down. Use Ad Aware SE
a good prog.

  ACOLYTE 17:36 19 Nov 2005

I think this is an exelent little app for cookie managment click here you can set it to see what/when a cookie comes on to the system and choose to exept it or delete it.

  SB23 18:40 19 Nov 2005

Another good little program that I currently use is CCleaner,click here of the many that I have on my system.

  SB23 18:42 19 Nov 2005

Sorry look here,click here
My typing isn't what it used to be !

  ACOLYTE 11:18 28 Nov 2005

Any of these help?

  timothywilliam 20:49 28 Nov 2005

Thanks for that folks. I shall study, digest and act. And then spin a coin !!

No, actually I will delete these cookies.

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