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  olyman 09:59 16 Jun 2008

McAfee anti virus kept switching itself of.I suspected that something malicious was affecting McAfee. I decided to remove the whole security centre and replace by Antivir, Zone Alarm and Spyware Doctor.Incidentally this seemed to speed up the computer . The first scan by Antivir gave a clean slate but listed 6 warnings but no mention of what they related to.
The report log gave the following info.

Master boot sector HD1
[INFO] No virus was found!
[WARNING] The device is not ready.
[INFO] Please restart the search with Administrator rights

The same warnings were repeated for HD2-HD5.
There are two hard disks with 3 partitions in total. There is a removable hard drive not connected but with partitions the 3 physical drives do effectively make up 5 HDs.

Following these warnings the boot sector files for the 3 drives in operation C,D and E were scanned and no viruses found.
Am I right in concluding that there is nothing to worry about as these three drives had no viruses?

There were also two warnings that the Hibernation and Virtual Memory system files could not be opened. Can viruses live in these files and why can't they be opened?

I decided to deactivate Antivir and instal AVG.
This also found no viruses but listed 644 Warnings!
AVG didn't say what these warnings related to.

Should I worry about these obscure warnings?

  birdface 10:20 16 Jun 2008

AVG.probably all Active X problems if so leave them.Just issues with Spywareblaster and Spybot.

  olyman 10:40 16 Jun 2008

Thanks. I suspected that they might be connected to Spyware Doctor.
I think I'll revert to Antivir though still not sure about the warnings from that program.
I didn't have any of these problems with AVG when I used it on my previous XP computer. McAfee came preinstalled on this Vista computer and worked without any spurious warnings until it started shutting itself off, possibly related to recent updates.

  birdface 10:55 16 Jun 2008

AVG.You would have thought it would have sorted the problems out by now.But it is Free so can't complain.I preferred the 7.5 version but no use living in the past.I have no idea about Mcafee as I have never used it.Zone Alarm and Spyware Doctor I think some versions of those also include Anti-Virus programs or maybe I am getting a bit mixed up.

  birdface 11:05 16 Jun 2008

Forget the last.Zone Alarm Security Suite that has the Anti-virus.And I don't think Spyware Doctor has it.Thought that I had read it somewhere.But obviously not.Someone on e-bay selling Spyware Doctor for £4 thought that was a good deal,

  birdface 11:16 16 Jun 2008

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