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  Ernest-331279 13:18 15 Feb 2005

Despite having AVG Prof.installed together with Adaware, Spyware from AOL and the firewall also from AOL Broadband AVG has recently found a Trojan Horse Virus.I have used AVG without any problems for a long time and it scans automatically everyday.It is updated regular.Despite all this I have this Virus.I have been in constant contact with AVG and they have been very good.They told me to send them various files which I have managed to do.The question is do these anti-virus systems prevent you catching these virus or do they just tell you when one is present As this is my first Virus experience I really do not know what to expect.
Ernest Collinson

  VoG II 13:21 15 Feb 2005

AV programs in general are not that good at removing trojans.

Try a² click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:29 15 Feb 2005

As I have oft written before, a trojan, provided that it is given permission by the user to run, will NOT be stopped by a firewall. I see many computers with trojans on that have all the plethora of firewalls available and they still get infected. The only curious thing is that the vast majority of them have child/teenager users and I have a feeling that much of the trojan problem is at their doors.......usually unwittingly, I hasten to add.


  wiz-king 13:30 15 Feb 2005

I can mirror your experience, afew montha ago one of our pc's got clobered dispite an up-to-date anti virus progamm. It happens in the delay between a virus being released then being detected and a prog fix being issued, the anti-virus update was issued about 3 days after it got infected. But if you have got updated anti-virus protecction you stand a good chance of escaping most virus attacks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:14 15 Feb 2005

.....the vast majority of Trojans/viruses/worms will NOT cause any serious problems and can easily be shifted.

I have not run a firewall for 3 years and I use AVG free version, which I swear by. I have had no BHO's, worms, viruses, Trojans etc., the computer is connected to the net most of the time as well. Now this is nothing to do with deep knowledge; all I do is follow a few simple rules that anyone with 10 minutes to spare could pick up...and they need little computer knowledge only 4 or 5 free programmes plus a modicum of common sense.....

1) do not accept offers of free 'browser helpers' or any browser add-ons, weather bugs, news trackers unless they are from Google, MS, Copernic etc. If you are unsure post here. You will have an answer within an hour and you can live without the programmes for this long.

2) Only download from reputable would not be a suitable source whereas Microsoft and PCA may be considered OK. Again, post here for advice.

3) Lay off the Pr0n sites UNLESS you do NOT click on any 'accept', 'yes', 'vote for this site' and 'would you like to download this useful activeX programme' boxes.

4) If you have kids tell them not to accept files in MSN or download ANY free programmes from kids sites. Inform them that file swapping scantily clad pics of Britney Spears that their friends have downloaded from gawdknowswhere, is to be avoided and will probably make them go blind and daft in later life. I have a feeling that many Trojans and worms are the result of children downloading stuff. I cannot prove this but there is a definite, marked trend in all the computers that I see.

5) Avoid the 'make cash quickly' sites that ask you to d/l 'helper' software. There is NO way to make cash quickly on the net so going to these sites are the reserve of the incredibly stupid and naive who cannot be trusted with money thus deserving to lose it all.

6) Keep up to date with the windows patches, most of them tend to be for network glitches but downloading them will not harm....turning on auto window updates will help for the lazy/absent-minded. A swift manual check on the Windows update site every Preston Guild will not harm.

7) Download Microsoft antispy click here. It is free, has real-time protection and I am very impressed. Run it weekly or whenever you get the urge. A swift run, once a week with Adaware will help as well (there are many other progs such a spybot and spywareguard)

8) Ccleaner click here ..... running it everyday will help keep the history files and temp files sparkling clean.

9) Keep your AV updated. There are free or paid for versions available for home users. personally I cannot see the point in paying but each to their own.

Following the above takes a few minutes each week. None of the above is rocket science but it does involve a LITTLE personal responsibility. This is basically what I do and I never have any problems (naturally I never visit Pr0n sites ;-)) ). It is worth remembering that all the above programems can be run in the background whilst you are surfing or typing up the latest Village Fete poster, so there is no excuse. I always recommend this regime to anyone that I visit.


  herc182 14:24 15 Feb 2005

is there a good free program that has real time protection for trojans? like what the personal version of a2 has?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:36 15 Feb 2005

MS antispy to a here


  dazza39 14:38 15 Feb 2005

Hey i have MS antispy,i'm pleased with it,then i'm easily pleased anyway :-)

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