parkhead 17:57 20 Oct 2010

Hello Helpful People,

I have just bought a new Acer desktop and it is brill. I have got two free months with MacAfee. After that there is the usual option to purchase. I have heard that the free software (Avast, AVG) is just as good as the paid for stuff these days. Is this true? If so, which free one is best?

Many thanks for your customary kind advice.

  tullie 18:08 20 Oct 2010

My preferance is Avast

  rawprawn 18:09 20 Oct 2010

Avast for my money, all the time I ran it I had no problems, or reason for worry.
The only reason I changed was that Barclays offer online customers Kaspersky Security Suite free of cahrge.

  mooly 18:27 20 Oct 2010

MSE because it's effective and light on resources.

click here

and whatever you choose be sure to run the official cleanup tool from McAfee BEFORE installing anything else... never uninstall security software just via control panel as remnants often remain.

click here

  parkhead 09:48 31 Oct 2010

Thanks for this advice everyone but can I just confirm that people are confirming that the free options such as Avast are good enough and that I don't need to but McAfee when my free trial ends?

Many thanks.

  birdface 10:18 31 Oct 2010

[ I have heard that the free software (Avast, AVG) is just as good as the paid for stuff these days.]

That may be true with Anti-Virus programs but not with Anti-Malware programs.

I have always been of the opinion that any free anti-virus program and one pay for Anti-Malware program.
I have used Malwarebytes free but for a one off payment you can get the Pro version.
It gives you full time protection which should stop anything from downloading on to your computer while Browsing.
I use the pay for version of Emisoft which I find to be very good others do not like it, but anything with full time protection will help.

  provider 2 10:19 31 Oct 2010

Avast free is trusted by 130 million users world-wide and is well respected by the security industry: click here

No security programme is 100% guaranteed to catch all the nasties on the web but Avast comes close enough for most people`s needs.

The paid-for version has additional features, of course: click here

  parkhead 10:28 31 Oct 2010

Many thanks, guys; very helpful.

  cocteau48 10:37 31 Oct 2010

Having just come to the end of my years Bullguard license I decided to give Avast a try and I must say I'm very,very impressed.
It also seems to be very comfortable with Comodo as a firewall

Used to be a stalwart fan of AVG until issues with AVG9 and a quick scan through this forum will show how many are still having problems with the new AVG 2011.

Also trying MSE/Zonealarm combination on a second machine which also seem to be happy together.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:47 31 Oct 2010

If using XP then
ZOnealarm fiewall + Avast AV + malwarebyts +spywareblaster as a blocker

If Vista or W7 then
Windows on firewall + MSE +malwarebtes and spywareblaster as a blocker

  parkhead 12:36 31 Oct 2010

Guys, I'm back. I see Buteman says that Avast may not be good with Malware. But, when I looked mooly's recommendation of MSE I checked and MSE says it stops Malware. In my naivety I just thought as well that Microsoft Security Essentials would do EVERYTHING (?)

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